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  1. Pictures
    Nytro loves his fetch... Time to play now mom! Got the ball, got the ball!! Showing off his streamlined look...makes him faster at retrieving ;) and a video of his play time...
  2. Pictures
    didn't get as many pictures as i would have liked but my husband had the camera on his raft (it had the dry box) and well, he was busy fishing ;) Nytro was Totally and Completely AWESOMENESS!! i have never been so proud of that lil butt!! best story of the trip... we got to the end of the...
  3. Pictures
    been working on Nytro's social skills when it comes to groups of people and other dogs so he got to spend the afternoon at the park with us! "Hey, Look!! I'm at the park!!" watching daddy fish Brad walking Nytro down the walking bridge (it goes all the way over the Rogue River, we didn't...
  4. Pictures
    Been a while, thought i'd get you some new pictures of the boys Nytro Smile Nytro waitin for his ball(this dogs crack) "Now thats a tongue!!" Boomer and his Rogue river fun!! Bwahahahaha!! and one more of Nytro out at the river and Boom playing in the backyard with daddy lil video of...
  5. Pictures
    i can't believe we've had this guy for a year already!!! still can't hold still for apicture
  6. Pictures
    and on the river!! ahhhh, i love southern OR weather :) Yahoo for nice weather! we went camping monday night! it was Nytros first camping trip and his first time at the river!! he had a blast even though he had to be tied up, and pretty much just sunk instead of swam lol! What the heck is...
  7. Pictures
    Some crazy puppy ears.... Nytro lookin good... and some Boomer.... have you had your v8 today??
1-7 of 7 Results