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  1. Pictures
    Diesel decided the stake in the fake dead vampire by my friends house looked better with him carrying it around.... I really hope this stick fetish ends but something tells me it's not going anywhere Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. General Discussion
    So, I've recently realized that I have this obsession with my puppys nose. I'm always rubbing it & kissing it & poking it. My puppy normally doesn't care, but some days he doesn't like it. Which he usually shows by pushing my hand away or putting his paw on my face. But I just wanted to know, am...
  3. Pictures
    ....WITH ANYTHING RUBBEREY!!! LOL. It seems as though anything with a rubbery texture drives him absolutely looney. Over the weekend, he found an old tire buried in the backyard, and went nuts for it, then yesterday it was the basketball I found under the porch. Today, I took him to the...
  4. Obedience Training
    Hey all hope I can get some advice or help with this since I have been searching but couldnt find the right answer just yet. My pit bull Diesel has just reached 2 recently and within the past few months leading up to maturity he has been showing obsession and been possessive over sticks. He got...
  5. General Discussion
    THE LASER! Sorry,not the greatest video... my boyfriend's little brother was recording it while I was handling the laser of course :roll:
  6. Conditioning
    So it's been kinda nice outside here for the last week. I broke out Legend's flirtpole to start his workouts. Well he is a psycho with it. It now takes three people in order to work him on it.(One person to operate it, one person to grab him by the collar after he gets it, and another to help...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone, Im hoping someone will have some insight here or be able to lend some advice. Im starting to believe that Capri may need to be on medication or something to calm her down. She is so attached to my boyfriend and I that we cannot do anything without Capri being right beneath our...
  8. General Discussion
    I was just wondering if anybody elses dog is like this. I can get the laser out for gunner and he just goes wild trying to get it wether i'm doing it in the house or outside at night he doesnt stop, but then after play time is over he'll spend hours just walking back and forth looking up at the...
  9. Pictures
    yeah it's a rock, and yep it's under water and yes he loves to sit on it... and his ultimate favorite, when he can dive for a rock
  10. General Discussion
    my dog is completly obsessed with pinecones... lol it's ridiculous... lol and he will do anything to get one, and when he does get on he will lay down and chew it until there is nothing left..theeennn.. go get another and do the same thing
1-10 of 10 Results