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  1. Pictures
    Hey, new here to the site. Just thought I'd let you guys meet the light of my life. <3 I rescued Olive from the Tuscarawas County pound about a year ago. She is almost 2 approx., weighs 59 lbs, and is an absolute doll. I plan to do great things with her, by using her as an accurate depiction...
  2. Pictures
    Here's my Olive, she's been the greatest pup I could of asked for. Pictures are from 8 weeks to today. She's 7 months now and weighs 47 lbs. Tell me what you think. 8 Weeks 11 Weeks 3-4 Months 6 Months with her buddy Ruger 7 Months Here are the parents. Mom Dad
  3. Pictures
    Hey guys i been putting off adding my new pics but I finally had a day off work and time to take some new pics. I hope you guys like em they are def amature pics compared to what some of you guys got but hey its a start lol. They are both gotty and RE bloodline but they dont look as bully as...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I was wondering if it would be okay for me too add a couple of teaspoons of olive oil to my pit bull's dog food to improve his coat. Also, would it be ok for me to mix baby oil in his shampoo when i bathe him?
  5. Health & Nutrition
    I read somewhere that I can add olive oil to my puppys food in order to make her coat shine. I was wondering if I can use extra virgin olive oil? And how much to use and how often? Does anyone use this and does it show a differance? thanks trish
1-5 of 5 Results