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  1. Pictures
    I know it has been awhile so I figured seems I had the day off today I would take some updated pics and show you guys :) Sorry for the absence, I work 2 full time jobs in the health field as well as attend college. I'm a busy bee. & it is from angles like this that I realize why so many...
  2. Pictures
    Barking at me cause he wanted to go in the water; Taking a snooze in the sand; I will start by saying, I hate retractable leashes. These are strictly our "beach leash" Did some off leash "sit,stay" for some pictures; Even with people and children around as well as birds he sat right...
  3. Pictures
    O'Malley in his Iron Man outfit :P & some from out errand running today :) O'Malley an his "I love you" creeper stare. "No, But seriously mom...I love you" "Oh a stop sign, time for kisses mom" He is such a happy boy :) Don't mind my lack of make-up..sorry "Oh yay, red light...
  4. General Discussion
    It's creeping up on 3am here in FL, we have been having issues within the neighborhood of people hearing things in their yard, around their house, ect...not just us but several people we know have had wierd stuff happening here in our area. Our house hasn't been messed with in probably about 3...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    About a month ago I decided to try O'Malley on a new food; He was on Taste of the Wild but seemed to have lost interest in the taste just as all my other dogs [Black Lab & Golden Retriever] With that being said I called my vet and talked to him for a bit about the switch and he recommended...
  6. Pictures
    So, Just thought I would share a new picture of O'Malley with you guys. He is weighing in at 47lbs now and I am happy with his weight, now lets get those muscles popping! :woof: BTW: That sexy ass collar...that is thanks to Nizmo K9 Supply. Trevor hooks it up so anyone looking for a quality...
  7. Pictures
    Just some pics from today. A combination of pics from camera and pics from phone so sorry for the crappy quality on a couple. :hammer:
  8. Pictures
    O'Malley getting his work out. | Facebook O'Malley did his first time running next to the bike around our neighborhood today, wasn't sure how it would go with all the dogs around (in fences) as distractions,cars going by,ect. Needless to say he did great, complete focus on what I was saying. I...
  9. Pictures
    We went and had some fun in my friends feild with her and her doberman puppy. It was a good time, here is some pics. :)
  10. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Well-- As usual me and the dogs took our daily hike in the woods. Since I have gotten my working/pulling harness and tracers from Trevor (Nizmo) I have been allowing him to walk with it on with no weight just to get used to it. Well, The past two days we have added in some weight (just 10lbs)...
  11. Pictures
    Sorry for the cell phone quality. We were at the car wash and I just decided I wanted some pics. :P
  12. Pictures
    & one of him in his Pumpkin collar. Some of my Nizmo Gear.
  13. Pictures
    It really is amazing to me looking back at O'Malley's puppy pics at how fast dogs grow. At just 18 months I cannot believe that he was little at one point,lol. Anyway I figured I would share these with you guys. :) Then: Pics from when he was like 8 weeks 4 Months 7 Months...
1-14 of 14 Results