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  1. Pictures
    Updates :) Onyx, Blue, Izzy It's been a couple of months :) enjoy And a ped for the little one if you're interested ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [507793] :: STANLEE 'S MARVEL ISABELLE BULLDOG
  2. Pictures
    Ok ok I know I haven't been in at all in a long time. Work at times requires me to stay on base for emergency testing for D.o.D. Sorry for the long period of absence. Anyways, onyx turned 2 on March 2nd. Over the last 30ish days I trimmed about 1.5-2lbs. So he is now on the 35.5-36lb range...
  3. Pictures
    Onyx has been mean mugging some birds in the trees while ruby is having a lazy nap
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    4 months now
  5. Pictures
    So Onyx turned 2 yesterday and he got some cake lol. Here he is enjoying his cake And this pic I just had to take- I'm sure he's not to ecstatic about this pic lol
  6. Pictures
    Havent taken any pics since my surgery. So i attempted a profile shot in the car. Onyx went instant amped when he saw his boxer playmate paige at my moms house. In the pic he is steady weight at nearly 37lbs. Once my shoulder heals i will get better pre-keep pics
  7. Pictures
    Two cgc dogs doing what they love best :) playing around acting like Goofballs lol The only one missing is ruby :( peanut is a manic and wanted to go after Onyx so he is in permanent time out lol
  8. Pictures
    This boy loves to fetch and run. This is one of the best ways to tire him out. We play fetch with a chuck it.
  9. General Discussion
    Passed flawlessly. Nailed everythig without any studders. Onyx fell asleep belly up in the sun for his 3 minute leave. I will admit i thought with no treats it would be bad. Did a little review with no treats and we were set. After the meet and greet with the instructors apbt and it was a done...
  10. Pictures
    i know i have posted alot of onyx doing other stuff besides just standing and doing nothing. here onyx is just standing around taking in the sun, watching birds fly, kids on the swings, other dogs on decks in the houses behind us. anything besides training or having his body under load, so next...
  11. Pictures
    Onyx is just out of his 60 day keep. I really wouldnt define it as a keep, more like obsrevstion period for feed workout and recovery times and patterns. I plan to use the info for a data log for future keeps Started his 60 days 31.6lbs ended at 35.4lbs. Onyx is closing in on 14mos High drive...
  12. Pictures
    Ruby is now 6mos and freshly gutted. So now there is no chance for any saphires. She weighs jist over and i recently increased her feed. Ruby had way too much spine showing. With the increase she has gained good lean weight She is a loonatic
  13. Pictures
    Onyx is just over 1yr and just broke 34lbs. He was chasing a few rabbits out of the yard with Ruby. He has some mud on his muzzle so does Ruby. Over the last week Onyx has started "popping". Waist is tucking and everything else is growing
  14. Pictures
    I know i have been lax on posting her. Ruby is tough and durable for a under 6lb dog. Onyx has hardned her up, and just as game. She definately has won Onyx respect and affection. She is still teething so her ears arent fully erect yet. Enjoy my mini red baron
  15. Pictures
    I started taking in car pics before cgc class. I know they are one sided, but witj all the rain i cant get outside. Sorry for the quality and size, may have to in morning. He started 31.6lbs and todat 33.6lbs. Weight is takenempty and before feed Here is day 1 And here are 2 from today
  16. Pictures
    Here is Onyx first "ya I'm 1, what's it to ya Willis". Gave him some goodies, and his favorite game fetch. Havent had the opportunity to cause of snow and mud. Well his bday....this is what he looked like before we started. He had fun got a hot bath and a good message
  17. General Discussion
    Yup my black devil turns 1yr tomorrow. I am on my ipod or i would post the pics from mach0 thread on page 5. I will thawl out some extra beef hearts for him and ruby. I will stop off at party city and get some party hats Year goes by fast. End of april at the blossom show i was to meet dave and...
  18. General Discussion
    Yup onyx starts first of 7 classes towards his cgc. He should do very well with his experiences thus fsr. With plenty of reinforcing skills to what he knows now. The person that runs the class is our nutritionist. With onyx havivg his cgc she offers a "bully bloc" class for performance/working...
  19. Pictures
    The boys got some collars from Nizmo :-) It was cold out so Blue wasn't to fond of being outside this morning. Onyx on the other hand went nuts. I guess it's safe to say Gsd's love this weather haha. Doing what he does best- beg haha Anything for some ham Can I get some now please...
1-19 of 57 Results