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  1. General Discussion
    This will be a lot you guys. Today the 1 year old Male American Bully fought an older male Weiner dog. Both are intact. These aren’t my dogs but my aunt gave me permission to do sport and train him. After doing a 5 min flirt pole session chaos happened. While standing near a chicken coup...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    I have a local co-op I can get a more affordable pre-made raw from either of the following brands Eureka Formulas or Ross Wells Titan Blends: Titan Dog Food | Home of Titan Blue and Titan Red Complete Raw Blends for your pets https://www.eurekapetfood.com/products/ I couldn't find too many...
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    thanks. can close thread now
  4. General Discussion
    Ok I have a 2 year old pit. Have had him since he was a pup. My house has always been noisy. 2 teenage boys, surround sound TV and music. He has never been afraid of much of any thing. Now all of a sudden in the past year if there is a storm close he starts freaking out. Shaking, crawling up in...
  5. General Discussion
    all I'm new on here just after some info I'm in the uk I have a staff x pitbull Barry is 3 and a half month old was born 12th October 2016. Mother is a staff (wouldn't say she's pure she's very very leggy for a staff but has a staffy type head) dad is a pitbull I know Barry's dad and...
  6. Pictures
    Hi, This is Warrior. My 4 1/2 month old 'Pit Bull'. He is not papered, so I understand there is no way to know his breed for sure. But your best guess/ opinion is greatly appreciated. Also would love opinions on his conformation, and how he looks over-all. Thank you. (:
  7. Pictures
    Hello pitbull Forum. This is my first post on the site. Wanted to share some pictures of my newest addition. She is now almost 9 months. I got her from a local guy in my area off of Craigslist ( I know, I know ). He wasIn't sketchy at all, I got her when she was 10 weeks old, was dewormed...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Layla went to the vet yesterday for her final round of puppy shots. She is 29 pounds and 18 weeks old. Our Vet said to either change her to Large Breed Puppy food or Adult food and start only feeding her 2x an day. He talked about how fast her bones are growing, etc... What are your...
  9. Pictures
    Hey All, I know most of you are against BYB and thats fine. Taking that out of the equation, what are y'alls opinion about this litter? Both Parents are posted as well. ** Not My Litter ** Do they look healthy? Do they look normal? I know about Whites & Merle and health but I don't know all.
  10. General Discussion
    Just wanting opinions on this pup what do you guys think.
  11. Health & Nutrition
    good morning, Just ordered my sweet Lucky a 30 pound bag of the Nature's Select multi protein recipe. it is beef, chicken and pork. They offer free next day delivery and 100% no question warranty. My neighbor feeds their 3 dogs Nature's select and highly recommended it. looked at the reviews on...
  12. Bloodline Discussion
    I got my boy from the CACS in downtown Chicago about a month ago. He's now 7 months and about 45lbs. They said he's terrier, pit bull/mix. I've been narrowing down the other breeds he could be mixed with but could use some second opinions.. ANYONE??...
  13. Bullies 101
    I thought Bullypedia was there to not only share pedigrees but to help clarify differences in am bullies and the apbt? They just posted a dog who is 3x Miagi as a "certified" APBT.... why would they do this? Or am I just confused?
  14. General Discussion
    Do you think there is such a thing as spending to much time with your dog(s)? Or not making them be independent enough? I personally don't think it is a problem since they have never shown signs of separation anxiety, but my husband seems to think I don't ever leave them alone long enough to...
  15. Pictures
    Someone on the forum has commented on a picture of my pup in regards to knuckling. i was wondering if anyone could tell me if my pup is showing early signs of knuckling. I have never seen this before in person so i figured those who have could possibly help me out. Thanks in advance. I am...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    Id like to see if you all have experience with this brand of food?? If not, this is the ingredient list... Meat and Bone Meal, Whole Ground Corn, Animal Fat (with mixed Tocopherols), Brewers Rice, Rice Bran, Corn Gluten Meal, Wheat Middlings, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Natural Flavors, Salt...
  17. General Discussion
    His ears are kinda crazy looking right about now.. he is 13 weeks and getting them cropped on thrusday I tried to get a pic of his body, constructive criticism welcome He is a wonderful pup, I love him very much, just wanting to see what you think of him his parents,
  18. Health & Nutrition
    So, I've been considering switching to EVO dogfood.. Apparently it is packed full of protein with no grains or fillers added. Has anyone used this brand? I used to work for a kennel (like doggy day care) that swore by it, just never really used it. On a side note, I am wanting to rollerblade...
1-18 of 113 Results