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  1. Pictures
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  2. Pictures
    So I was on here a while back, when Oreo was just a 70 pound pup. Now he weighs in at 100 pounds exactly, and he's not exactly a pup anymore...
  3. Pictures
    So Oreo hasn't seen his brother Judge since they were only a few weeks old. Judge was the runt of the litter and their mom wasn't taking care of him so he went to his owner early. His owner happens to be a really good family friend of ours, so we went to see them today. I got a few pictures...
  4. Pictures
    Needed a place to put Oreo's pictures for now so here they are! Some are a lil old. Feel free to comment Sleeping with his mouth open Sitting with sissy & watching tv Chewing on his bone In mommy's truck at the laundromat Sleeping with mommy He loved that sock monkey! ZzZz...
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    What's your favorite? I like the double stuf or chocolate cream.
  6. General Discussion
    this is the first pup out of my TNT X OFRN/Tacoma litter that we are deciding to keep. basically my wife said he's not going anywhere lol
  7. General Discussion
    here they are first day i got him. and now he is rwice as big as her, literally
1-7 of 7 Results