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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Hi There. This is Nico. I found him at the local shelter. the staff said that "someone found him on the street and brought him to the shelter" but when i found him he was lying on a bare cage without any blankets or rags or newspaper to keep him warm and the cage itself was dirty. So I...
  2. Pictures
    19 dogs came in today, and he was 1 of them. I thought of Cane76 when I saw this guy. I didnt read any of his paper work cause I just get pissed if I know the details.
  3. General Discussion
    I said I would start posting them again, so heres "the queen". shes under a year old and is a great little package. just look at that face. But shes the reason my wife says no more pitbulls at home. What a handfull! She took her out right after she arrived and was like A tornado on a leash. so...
  4. General Discussion
    Lately theres been pups coming in every day. Its hard to keep track.
  5. General Discussion
    Rythym and gino, I need something to do since my orphans were adopted, Binks went home last week. he was adopted off pitbull classifieds and Gypsy was finally adopted after 3 years and 4 months by a lady in a wheelchair. I actually cried when she went home but she is so happy to be a part of a...
1-5 of 6 Results