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  1. Pictures
    shes been here so long I cant remember when she came to the shelter. this is one of the sweetest staffs Ive ever known. check out her bio Orphans of the Storm
  2. General Discussion
    I been staying away from there lately cause I have my hands full at home. this little girl was relinquished while preg with 11 pups in her belly. her body was too small to handle the pregnancy so she was spayed. totally sucks but thats what it is. she is only 1 year old and a great dog. my 8...
  3. General Discussion
    a few of the current gang, all are spoken for or in the process
  4. General Discussion
    After a major burn-out, Im back to what I love. I am taking a different approach though. Just dealing with behavior. Later I will explain the "Orphans of the storm pitbull project". For know, this is Tabitha, a real staffordshire bull terrier. she is dark brindle and around 40 lbs. real small...
1-4 of 4 Results