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    If a Full Bred APBT (female) was bred with a Pitbull Boxer mix (male) what would be the outcome of the puppies? The males parents were a Full Bred all white female APBT and his dad was a Full Bred Boxer The females parents were both Full Bred APBT What would the puppies look like? Will they...
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    I managed to make the pull on Saturday. Left Chattanooga at 12:30 am arrived in Perry 4:30 am. Caught 2 hrs of sleep in the car then started pulling. Finished up around 4pm hopped in the car and drove home. I was exhausted but it was well worth it though. Tink managed to take the first in her...
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    So I started a thread yesterday about AC showing up on my doorstep due to a empty complaint by a neighbor... Well the ACO apparently talked the school district office in our town and suggested that I go to every school with my dogs to talk to kids about animal abuse, a commitment to animals...
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    let me clarify... the end of it isnt as bad as we would all think... you know, pointing fingers at the pitbull... i know its bad if any dog dies, but it's good that our breed wasn't to blame Pit bull attacks, kills puppy at dog park By Andy Paras...
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    Ok so yesterday it was absolutly beautiful outside and me mugsy my girlfriend erika and her dog princess and a friend of ours went to da park yesterday. It wasn't a dog park just a reguarl kids park. Well there was a hockey rink that we were gonna put outselfves in to play w the dogs. As we...
1-6 of 6 Results