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  1. Pictures
    Kane and I are walking in the Lansing, MI 4th of July parade. Today I set out to find something festive that he could wear; I only found some 4th of July themed garland and a couple "flag bows" for him. (**The bare patch on his leg is from the IV from his heat stroke, btw.) I did the best I...
  2. The Family Room
    When I exercise Abby always wants to put her outfit on so I got her one yesterday. So we got pics in front of clean laundry. lol Vincent wanted out. It's only duck tape by his arm.
  3. Pictures
    I got it at H-Town bullies I wouldn't reccomend their leather craftsmanship...Indi as already lost a diamond that was on her back strap... I know I need to mow the grass, but the lawn mower is broke...I plan on getting it fixed this weekend!!! I also just threw it on her and didn't adjust it to...
1-3 of 3 Results