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    She's 20' at the withers and 45 lbs at 4 years old, he's 20.5 at the withers and about 43-44 lbs at 4 months old. He's growing WAY to fast!
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    9 weeks old and pushing 20lbs :cry: I'm in for it!
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    Anyone know how the title would be added to the name.... Laughter's Outlaw Jesse James SD (I think, but not sure, haven't sent the papers to have it done!) Sorry for the poor quality...taken as HDR on Iphone and uploaded to Flickr...then Flickr didn't want to show up, so tried Photobucket...
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    Haven't been on here for awhile - here is my latest video of Josey. The was 2 yrs on Christmas day. We are still doing weekly training sessions. She is still a great girl - friendly to all!
1-4 of 5 Results