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  1. The Family Room
    She is 4 going on 25. Lord help me! and one throwback pic , she's getting too damn big. :( Thanks for looking. :D
  2. Pictures
    I just realized Subie weighed 4.7 lbs. when we brought her home on December 22, now almost 2 months later she weights exactly 20 lbs. Noooooooo. She's growing so fast! :( Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Pictures
    So I have made some new additions here and some are going elsewhere. The chocolate is snookie she is part of the crew here now, as well as the white headed one medusa is going to a friend of mine. I had the beastro granddaughter for a bit but sent her back to the coowner she just didn't work out...
  4. Pictures
    Mirro image .Chain spot feeding . Winter fat
  5. Pictures
    Sooooo most of you know we've been planning on an APBT and an English Bull Terrier. Well, I am going to the Tri-state show in September so I am looking forward to meeting some good breeders and finally getting one. BUT in the mean time, this little guy will do! Haha! We haven't named him yet...
  6. Pictures
    Well, I was not going to post Hachi's pictures, ect. Since he is neither a bully breed nor a terrier, but I am anyway! I have had him since he was born! I fostered his mom while she was pregnant, helped her with the birth, and eventually saw her go to her new home. She had four puppies, two red...
  7. Pictures
    Well I dont know who is more depressed, me, my sister or Gargamel. We just got back from 86 degrees in paradise to a chilly 35 in Beantown. No fun and a system shock. Since I am not ready to forget the warmth I figured I would go through some pictures of our trip. Hope you have fun looking I...
  8. Pictures
    I know its been too long.. :) my laptop at home broke so I can only randomly squeeze in some online time at work... but here's some of the pups :) and a few of kali (their big sis), oh and mama is in the first pic :) kali playing with the neighbors :)
  9. Pictures
    :woof: Puppies born yesterday!! Just wanted to share...they turned out so beautiful!! 4 Males & 2 Females Male 1 (1st born) Blue and white Female 1 (2nd born) Blue fawn Female 2 (3rd born) Blue and white Male 2 (4th born) Blue and white Male 3 (5th born) Blue and white Male 4 (6th...
  10. Pictures
    so me and the girls went to visit gina today and play in the GA FL river, they had a blast and i have to say it was one of the best most relaxing days i have had in a very long time! Cheza out ran and jumped and crazied them all and didn't even begin to slow down and def would not lay down for...
  11. Pictures
    So the pups will be 3 wks old and are as cute as can be! Venom He does not have a name yet but I call him bobble head, he has a big head like his daddy. Kraken Puppies! Siren a proud momma
  12. Pictures
    Excuse some of the images..It was getting dark and some images were getting blurry... Watch till the end...Onyx got pooped on his face hahahaha:hammer:
  13. Pictures
    Okay so...where do i start?! It seems like forever since i posted here. I'm so sorry for my disappearance. I've just been working on commissions, the websites...did i mention commissions?!?! lol! So how are you all? I know you guys want an art update. So here it is :D Want my new website? :)...
  14. Pictures
    So now that you all saw bear, heres Cali :D Yes she went to the park an the creek as well she loves the park just like a little kid, my gurl anyway here are the pics and of course please comment ::D In the field at the park, Then she went to the creek After the creek, we headed...
  15. Pictures
    YAY! Eurokai is finally finished!!!! Hahahah he's so lovable. Hmm, you may give him a cookie if you'd like. Just no fish crackers, he hates them :D He's a new member of Go Puppy, and is a lynx lol. Lol, he's so dang cute. He's a new member of the Go Puppy crew. His name is Rookari. I wanted...
  16. Pictures
    Hey guys! It's been a while! Just like keeping everyone updated :D They've been doing wonderful as always... Annie is 8 and a half months old, whopping 54 pounds now... Molly is same oleee' Molly! A year and three months, 42 pounds! We've been having some beautiful weather lately, believe it...
  17. Pictures
    my favorite part of this site is looking at the pics/vids of everyone's dogs and i wish you guys would post A LOT more! lol...i get disappointed sometimes when there's only 1 or 2 pics in the thread. :( so, here's a bunch of bella from 8 weeks to now (6 months)...
1-17 of 35 Results