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  1. Pictures
    It's been quite a few months since I posted pictures.. sooo... here goes :) Ozai 2 years old Modeling his new Cali Girl Collar The three amigos, Belle, Rudi and Ozai Handsome man My little lady Rudi The hider lol, she hates pictures Thanks for looking :)
  2. Pictures
    Hey guys! It's been a long long while. We moved and didn't have internet since we are out in the boonies on 13 acres.. but finally we got some internet that works decently! I haven't posted since we moved, 2012 was a great year for my boy! He got his CH and also GRCH in UKC. We also got 2 of 3...
  3. Pictures
    My boy is 11 1/2 months old now, haven't shared any pics since he was 9 months old! Enjoy, I love him to pieces he's everything I could have asked for and more! <3 first 3 taken at 10 1/2 months old 11 months old 11 1/2 months old
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Ookey dokey, Ozai has this bald spot on his head. He has had it for possibly 3 weeks or so now, and I'm just not sure what in the heck to do with it. I was holding off on buying nu-stock because i didn't want to spend like 30 bucks on 2 tubes and i wasn't sure if tractor supply has it, but i'm...
  5. Pictures
    pictures taken yesterday!
  6. General Discussion
    on your sucess this weekend ! ill let you tell every1 how you did but you did a great job today and that pup is WAY cuter in person than in pics!
  7. Pictures
    Today is my day off and I figured I would get some pictures of my lil man! His ears are all healed up and they look fantastic, his first show is this sunday and we are working on it everyday! Here's the pics! i love this one! <3 and a couple of our stacking practice thanks...
  8. Pictures
    WELL! Hubby was supposed to go take Ozai to vet tomorrow morning to get tape and stitches removed from his ears, but the rotten little brat RUBBED his ear out of the tape this morning! Holy stromboli thought I was going to have 3 heart attacks, but we cut the tape away and I drove him up to the...
  9. Pictures
    So last wednesday Ozai got his ears cropped! The doc that a friend recommended to us was about an hour away so we went with him, very happy with the results! He got his ears re-taped Saturday and we got to see them, they are already standing and look really good can't wait to see them again on...
  10. Pictures
    Went and picked up my new baby Ozai from my good friend Bully the Kid a couple days ago! Drove down to Atlanta and was back home in 26 hours.. crazyness LOL but totally worth it! And here he is :D Pictures taken by BTK before I got him here with me and some taken by me! plz excuse the...
1-10 of 10 Results