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    I would go for baggy pants, lol. Any man wearing what that man had on to fly publicly on a plane needs help and its not in his wardrobe choice, lol. I mean even if he was working the streets and needed to go to work when he landed, he could have packed his purple panties and changed, right...
  2. Pictures
    Well it's that "first" time for my girl and she is absolutely PATHETIC! LOL! What a big baby! She is so good with her hot pants on and doesn't even attempt to chew them off as if she knows not to LOL! I couldn't resist posting these.....just don't tell Bella :) She will be embarrased. ;)...
  3. General Discussion
    That was a dumb thread title but it was meant to grab your attention lol So it was my birthday yesterday and I begged my mom to let me bring Bernie to her house since we had the typical get together. We were all in the living room and I thought I'd show my family how well Bernie is trained. I...
  4. General Discussion
    The dogs arent allowed in the kitchen. Rosie and Bruno know this so we are teaching the pups this as well. The pup (still has no name. Not too fond of my husbands choice. Burlap) catches on quick. He walked in yesterday While I was in there. I said "No, Out." walked him out. The boy loves to...
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    I thought this little dude was supposed to be my best friend, does that include climbing up my wifes creamy white thighs:)
  6. General Discussion
    i was eating some food while rico was outside doing his business. next thing i know i see the gas man walk by the sliding glass door on the backyard deck. i go to let him know to not freak out and that rico is outside.... to late rico spotted him.... re hauled ass as soon as he saw the guy. Poor...
1-6 of 8 Results