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  1. Pictures
    Got to watch my nephew porter for a bit. Papo is a huge fan and does not let him out of site. Papo is amazing with all ages. Scopen out the toy Just hangen out.
  2. Pictures
    Woot Woot. Hes doen good. Worken on kicked the lymes disease heres he is, starten to mature. Its been awhile. Not the best pics, poor camera [URL=""] thanks for looken
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Well after a mind bending few weeks of not know what is going on I think it is safe to say we have it figured out. First id like to give a big cheer for NO hip displacia, boy was i worried. It turned out to only be a sprained knee. We also tested pos for lymes disease and are now on treatment...
  4. Pictures
    Well hes good. Visited 2 more nursing homes this last weekend. Had a good time, no pics, for privacy reasons. Weight has tappered off, and i had a few randoms from yesterday. He turned 8 mnth Feb 24.
  5. General Discussion
    I ran into someone at the pet store who loved Papo. We got to talken and the next day Papo and I were at the Humane Society taking our Therapy dog test. We passed all the tests with ease. The only one we had trouble with was meeting this yapper little mutt. Dont ask me how this dog got in...
  6. Pictures
    oof, they grow fast, i was lookin at some pics of the first day i got him(7wks old). Papo is doin great, hunting is getting better and better. He turned 5mnths yesterday 11/24 and weighed in at 40#s. Got him a new collar as his other he had outgrown. Cant forget about duke, He will turn...
  7. Pictures
    well we didnt get anything this time, but we did have a blast. we got one this time. Hes stil pretty young, but is showing signs of being great. Turns 5mnth on Nov 24. We are to the point where he is infront of me going back and forth. He knows hes trying to find something, just not...
  8. Pictures
    Well Papo will be turning 4mnths tomorrow. Woof time flys. He is set on all his shots, and now micro chipped. Hes doing great. Today he weighed 31.6lbs. Duke(the lab) will be turning 5mnths on sunday. They are both very high energy dogs and a joy to have. Pheasent hunting is going great...
  9. Pictures
    I went to see my dad this weekend and Papo goes where i go. Lexi is my or was my 4 yr old boxer. She was my X-mas present when i was 16, and when it was time for me to get my own place, my dad would not part with her. So i got Papo. Papo is 14wks it these pics. Lexi tryn to figure out how...
  10. Pictures
    Duke is a 17wk old lab. Papo is 13wks. Just some recent random shot. Not sure y they love my bedroom so much, but if i cant find um there are usually here. aww dad not again, me need sleepy Duke and my roomate
  11. Pictures
    Startn to grow a bit, and i must say what a smart dog. Ive owned a few smarties(mainly boxers), but this guy is a champ. Here is Papo at just under 12wks 12.5 wks. Tryen to catch some sleep but dad wont let me a good ole fashion nap
1-11 of 11 Results