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  1. Bullies 101
    When I got my dog the owners of her parents was having a hard time at the time and I saw both parents and they were full bully but the puppys didnt have the papers I would like to know if it is possable to get papers for her if so how do i do it
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    Just bought puppy snd i find out mom and dad are brother and sister.should i be concerned
  3. General Discussion
    Just some pics of thunder when he was really small and his parents for those interested to voice their opinion Sent from my G8142 using Tapatalk
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    Seen the tie, the birth, I whelped them, and got the pick of the litter.. Honored to have a dog as pure as they are. I know I have a game breed dog, fully aware of some of the things I need to do for his needs.. Excercise, socializing, training.. ECT.. But I want to get some first hand advice...
  5. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about the Top 8 Dog Safety Apps for Smart Pet Parents at PetGuide.com.
  6. Pictures
    My puppy simba looks just like his mom and dad is just as mean as he looks lol
  7. General Discussion
    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/14/family-dog-alerts-south-carolina-couple-to-babysitter-abuse-toddler/?intcmp=latestnews Horrible what happened, but awesome dog Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  8. General Discussion
    Jade's dad. Jeep bloodline Jade Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  9. Pictures
    Here's his momma His Papa (hard to see bc he's so dark) And Finally Bruce! (his brothers came out black and white, he was the odd one lol)
  10. Pictures
    He added me and this is the one I see of Kandi's daddy... isn't it the cutest?? Kandi acts like him a lot. LOL
  11. General Discussion
    my story for the day i suppose...decided 2 walk to the cumbys earlier. as i left the driveway instantly spotted kids across the street.kids run out from the back of their house chasing their little pitty around with squirt guns. 1 kid gets close sprays the pup, the pup freaks n books it into the...
  12. Pictures
    Here are a couple pics of Dozer's parents, just curious to hear what you guys think of them. Here's his mom. Heres Dad And Here's Dozer, he's only 14mo. and growing day by day. This pic is a couple months old now.
  13. Pictures
    Hey all, Finally remember to bring my camera over to my parents house to get some good pictures. :) My boys were out playing of course, and I got a few pictures of my parents CRAZY CRAZY German Shepherd. He's a lunatic for sure. Anyway, here are some pictures. Enjoy! Look at my big handsome...
  14. General Discussion
    Please do not let your kids walk dog's they can't control,when they are unsupervised. kthanksbye. ps: Bruno says I eat them ok?:mad: seriously. I was glad the kids heard me,when I told them Bruno was not dog friendly. They were being drug right up the stairs behind us with their dog(same dog...
1-15 of 37 Results