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  1. Pictures
    Just adopted this beautiful pup! What do you guys think she is ???
  2. General Discussion
    I'm looking for advice. I just adopted her from the animal shelter and she was labelled hound and boxer mix. My parents had a bad experience with a pit and is traumitaized by it. A family member was mauled. I'm not bias towards the breed but due to bring up painful memories I would not like to...
  3. Pictures
    Alright so here is everyone else that I couldn't fit in the other thread lol. Picture #1 CH BlueRose Kennel's Sassi Li'l Serena. Getting old but looking good! Picture #2 Renar's Gluttony-AKA-Nicki I also have a new Jerry Lee 2.0 GSD/Rott this time not just GSD. He works though. Keeps the kids...
  4. General Discussion
    I need help. Lol. I have tried everything to give my 1 year old to play with and its destroyed in a matter of minutes. Hours at the most and I'm talking about heavy duty things, not plush squeaker toys. I have a XL black Kong that has held up but even that looks like it went thru a war. I have...
  5. General Discussion
    We have a rescue dog and we were told it was part Doberman ... We have a purebred dobie and we don't see many similarities. She looks more like a pitbull than anything...?
  6. Pictures
    Since I left the girls out of the last one here they all are.
  7. General Discussion
    I got this adorable guy the day after Christmas this year. At first we were told he was a lab/collie mix...Then we thought maybe rottweiler and chocolate lab mix. I have done some research though and he looks almost exactly like what is called a "tan point" pitbull with some lab mixed in with...
  8. General Discussion
    We just got a new pup from the pound. Only 10-weeks but very well behaved. Told it was a "lab-mix" but all pound dogs are sold that way so I'm not sure. One issue is that he has a tendency to occasionally bite onto his leash or pant legs and aggressively shake his head. Nothing major, but it got...
1-8 of 80 Results