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  1. Pictures
    Beau and Trinny decided to dump their water and dig under the fence. Big mud party at my house.:roll:
  2. Pictures
    This is my girl Lola - She's just ridiculous :) sorry so blurry, my tablet takes crap pictures in low light.
  3. Pictures
    Luna turned 1 and what better way to spend the day then with all her friends :woof::doggy: Her and her boyfriend Knox. Knox is 3 years old and 95lbs. Couple buddies The ride home after a fun day!
  4. Pictures
    I know, she's a Pom, but her shirt is quite correct. Here's a pic of our now 8 month old a day after we got her home. Just to make the post a little more relevant.
  5. Pictures
    Cant enjoy the hot tub when creep is out there, he always crashing our fun lol. got a few pics of him last night trying get in the tub { momma was a party pooper, thought was too hot for him so wouldnt let him play} attcking my hand under water lol c'mon creep , stop drinking the water
  6. The Family Room
    They messed up his name on the cake.... was NOT happy... His personal cake His my pal "Scout" puppy, hooks up to the computer so it can say his name, spell his name,learn his fav things. Super cute! Bath toys! Thanks for looking!!! :D :D :D :D
  7. Pictures
    Come and get em eva1!!!!:woof::clap::pupruns: King says "what you lookin at?" he thought I was tryin to steal his bone? sorry if theres any repeats lol
  8. PitbullPositive
    Tonites show is brought to you by alcohol Pit Bull Positive Show on USTREAM: The Pit Bull Positive Show is a talk show/variety show aimed at promoting responsible ownership and improving the image ...
  9. Pictures
    These pics are from like 6 months ago, i have just been sooooo busy with the new baby i havent had the time to post em up. Intensive brought his pups over and i was watching my friends, so we had a total of 5 pitbulls at the house. matts pup, angel matts pup, bam bam, sorry about the...
  10. General Discussion
    Hey I'm looking to get local pit bull's, American Pitbulls, Saffordshire Terriers Am Staff Terriers, and their owners together in the Snohomish county area. I think it would be wonderful to be able to show that pitbulls are great dogs and that their breed is hated due to bad people and bad...
1-11 of 36 Results