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  1. General Discussion
    so... the city of Pasadena has transferred licensing to the local humane society & spca. i would rather burn the 16 bucks than help fund their private agenda. Pasadena likes to canvas neighborhoods and rack up profits by fining pet owners (esp bulldog owners). so i still need my boy licensed...
  2. BSL Discussion
    Good and bad news is they are now looking to make mandatory Spay and neuter for ALL pets. All its going to do it make people who don't agree with early spay and neuter buy from breeders or BYB who don't follow laws anyway. BUT I do count it as a win (FOR NOW anyway!) YAY for people showing up...
  3. Pit Bull Legal News
    if anyone is interested or in the area to show support... Pasadena City Council to consider ordinance requiring pit bulls be spayed or neutered | 89.3 KPCC i love Pasadena but i despise this ignorance.
  4. General Discussion
    failed efforts for a breed ban have lead Pasadena to propose a mandatory spay and neuter ordinance. i'm on the fence about that idea in general. but in this specific scenario, i do not approve because the original campaign was targeting pit bulls. and even though the city ordinance applies to...
  5. Pit Bull Legal News
    Pasadena wants to ban Pit Bulls. What a bunch of idiots! California state law prohibits cities from banning any specific breed, but what these idiots may try and do is a mandatory spay and neutering similar to a San Francisco law. Pasadena mulls pit-bull ban City leaders say the powerful and...
1-5 of 5 Results