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  1. BSL Discussion
    Well in Light of the Maryland news at least there is a possible change to my commonwealth that would not allow any city or town to deem a dog dangerous just based off of breed. Not sure of existing legislation would be grandfathered in or outright removed. If you live in Massachusetts, or even...
  2. General Discussion
    and I still miss him dearly. He died on October 4th and I didn't think he'd make it thru the night before (tonight). I know some on this site really dig the Redboy/Jocko, Jeep/Honeybunch stuff...well Jackie was down from them all, and then some. Redboy, Jocko, Jeep, Honeybunch, JC's Otis...
  3. General Discussion
    Well, it's been one year today since my Jack passed away, so any thoughts of him would be much appreciated. I've already let my emotions out last night because I really didn't think he would make it thru the night last year. It was a night I'll never forget. Now, I'm emotional again this...
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    Since Spike passed on 23 Aug, it has obviously been a tough time for us. It took a little while for it to sink in with my 7 year old son, Sebastian. Yesterday he asked if he could brush the dogs. Of course we said yes. So he brushes Cleveland and Smudge. Then he calls out, "Sky, Spike. Come...
  5. General Discussion
    Have they completely banned Pitbulls in some areas by making it very expensive to own (requirement to get 1 million dollar insurance to own dog) or basically banning them straight out. In Chicago, they thought about banning straight out but it didn't pass. Then they tried restricting the number...
  6. BSL Discussion
    So very soon I will be driving accross country with Max. Do i have to worry about driving through anyplace with BSL? haha I dont want to get pulled over and have them want to take my dog. Not really sure how it works when you are just passing through somehwere.
  7. General Discussion
    my dog just farted and in a very slow and relaxed manner, turned his head toward his butt and sniffed as if to say "ah, i've smelt worse"
  8. The Pitbull Lounge
    Hello family! I'm in desparate need of moral support. Sit down, grab somethin cold (or warm) to drink, maybe some popcorn.. and hold onto your seats! My little brother, age 17, was arrested yesterday at school by Brooks County Sheriff's Department. Now, lemme tell you, he's a good kid, never...
1-8 of 11 Results