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    I thought you all might be interested. :woof: Patcheeno the Pit Bulls stars in the children's book that I wrote and it is now available at amazon ~ Patcheeno's R-R-RUFF RUFF Day: Thérèse "Patch O' Pits" Weiner, Nicolas Peruzzo: 9781612252797: Amazon.com: Books & Barnes and Noble ~ Patcheeno's...
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    Happy 12th B-Day Patcheeno!!!!!!!! Patcheeno was born on 5-18-99, and from the day I first saw him he captured my heart. I love you little man! You're the best!!!!!! UKC CH / ARBA Master CH O.W.'s Kap-Patcheeno Quake, CGC, Therapy dog, DNA-P, Penn Hip, OFAca, OFApa
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    Patcheeno, (He will be 12 on 5/18/11), and Bodacious, (She is 4 1/2.)
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    These were all taken taken today-12-27-10. Patcheeno, (born 5-18-99), proudly stands by his daughters Touche' and Bodacious (born 10-8-06) Just chilling... Did somebody say, snow day??? Sitting pretty... Sisterly Love!
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    Wake Up w/ Kap *Patcheeno* Cinnamon Stick Buns Coffee (Fundraiser). Patcheeno is one of the three Therapy Spokes Dogs who was picked as a representative The 7th Annual Dog Walk for Cancer event. The proceeds made go to: The J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center and the Cancer Programs at...
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    Did somebody bring me a new toy? Yum, this toy tastes j-u-s-t r-i-g-h-t!!!!! Patcheeno's "Cheshire Cat" Impression What's so funny? Are you laughing at me???? Patcheeno + A New Toy = A Happy Boy
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    These are from the day he turned ~ 10 5-18-09 :) Can I have my b-day present now???? Come on I'm waiting???? Oh coooooooool, just what I wanted!!!!!! :) For those who don't know at the end of March, he had serious emergency surgery when his spleen ruptured. You can see where he is still...
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    Please Vote for Patcheeno in the Bissell Contest Voting for Week 12 is from March 31 - April 7, 2009. Here is the link. MVP Pet Photo Contest 2009 Please pass the link onto others if you can, and help him make it to the finals. One of the Grand prizes is that they donate 10,000 to an...
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    My 9 year old baby boy PATCHEENO Sitting Pretty!
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    The article written up about the therapy program my fur~ kids are involved in at the hospital. We were unable to attend the day of the picture but you can see the painting hanging on the wall :) http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/200805122125/GETPUBLISHED/805120367
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    Happy 9th Birthday to my forever puppy Patcheeno. Mommy I'm too Sexy For these Shades. Must I endure this humiliation on my birthday???? Next year I hope I get a better present than these glasses! Why do you keep putting me in Pink? Mom, you promised me a COLLARMANIA COLLAR and all I got...
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    Hi everyone, We entered a pet photo contest. Please click to sign in and vote for Patcheeno Only one vote per person, please pass it on. The link is below...
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    YAY! I'm so proud JR, who is littermate to Touche' and Bodacious and owned by the breeder, she did her first shows and took a Res best female and a Best female. Touche' has taken a few Res Best females and Bodacious is already a UKC CH and also ADBA pointed She is showing more this weekend...
1-13 of 13 Results