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    Adopted sadie back on august 19th, 2015 for a guy. When we broke up I ended up taking her with me, seeing as he wasnt a suitable dog owner. Lord I do hope he sees this and have come to terms that anything to do with the animals welfare, I was taking care of for the most part. I will not call her...
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    As Promised... Here's Sweet Pea and Lugz(the JERK). Photo quality sucks, hard to get pix on the phone Lugz Sweet Pea They're both kinda being buttholes tonight, and SoOoOoOo fat. Speaking of fat, here's me eating chicken in the shower Yes that **** happened! :hammer:
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    Sunday morning sun bathing. Onyx is @35lbs and ruby is @9lbs. They are pretty much inseperable
1-3 of 3 Results