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    So last weekend myself and Rogue went on our first hike together completing around 6-7 miles.. Not once did he show signs of wanting to stop as I encouraged him along the way.. He is 6 months now and proving to be a working dog with everything I throw at him! Will definitely be getting another...
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    "Sinful Bullies Glutton for Hennessy" female and "Sinful Bullies Too Rich For Belvedere" I'm so excited to get them!!! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    For those wondering where did my little bully go- we've been lurking and chilling in the heat lol. One pic where we were walking. Just a quick pause, no pulling :-)
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    Ok, for those of you that know, or don't know, I'm taking a photography course online.. more like a correspondence course, thru PennFoster (formerly Education Direct) out of Scranton, PA. Anyways.. I have a graded project due, and I wanted to get some opinions. The assignment is a two-part...
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    This my current project under works....it's about 45 minutes in This is being done with a mechanical pencil and will be inked and colored and shaded with colored pencils I'm having fun with this Obviously it's not done yet and a long way from being done....and this is obviously an ABDA style APBT
1-5 of 5 Results