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    Walking thru the swamp..ok turn your head sideways...I don't know how to flip the picture sorry.
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    I haven't posted my girl Jade since I got her in November! Time flies! She's on the smaller side of my dogs (which I like!) She only weighed in at 24lbs at 5 months... guessing she will be in the 30's full grown. I will post a few pics of her growing over the past few months! Here she is about...
  3. General Discussion
    please join me in wishing Pearl a happy 10th. Birthday!!! she is going to be having a lot of fun today. all her favorite things will be enjoyed by her today. :) Big Birthday Hugz to my Pearl, you are definitely a gem of a dog. thank you for choosing me to be yours girl. a quick pic of her...
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    we have a slough just off the south end of the property, it is Pearls favorite place to visit! the grass is so high right now it was hard to see her sometimes.
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    :) by a mean yeller boat!
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    i like this shot of her. she was woofing at some scent on the other side of the property, hair up, tail up! Pearl....from behind. :) oooooooooooooops, title should be...Just another...........
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    :) Poor, poor Pearl! her balls are tied together and Chuck loves trying to tow them all around the yard. BUT, they are Pearl's Balls damn it! :) Ahhhhhhhhhh, now she has them all to herself! :)
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    in Black and White!
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    i might have to just start a Pearl photo thread. she is a busy dog, and has many hobbies. one is.................frog hunting, but as they taste yucky, she does not eat them, just hunts them. :)
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  11. Pictures
    she loves to hunt frogs by her pond, she doesn't catch them, just hunts them. :) Pearl, almost 10 years old and still looks and acts like a puppy!
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    I took that one last night.
  14. Positive Pitbull News
    Pearl 12/26/06 Pearl Man Attacked by Pit Bull It happened about 3:00 on Ashbury Road in a newly annexed section of Pearl, north of the old city. Kim Jurgens said he was attacked by two dogs, one of which bit him on the hand. He tried to fend the dogs off by going into a karate stance. A Pearl...
1-15 of 16 Results