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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Ok, so I haven't been planning on getting any new pups lately.. Some good friends of mine, and some good Dogmen, have been doing some planning, and in the future we're plannin on taking my male "Yeller" and putting with one of females.. I was going to take a pup out of that then.. but I've kind...
  2. Bullies 101
    Took forever but finally got it online. http://bullybloodlines.net/dogdetails.php?name=COYNE%27S+BOSS+BABY
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    Is there any online pedigree databases that work? Bullypedia is a cool idea, but it does not allow new users for some reason. Also, its website isnt designed very well. I dont understand why they dont allow you to register yet everyday new dogs are added. :confused: AND new users!
  4. General Discussion
    Is there a free data base for pedigrees? I tried joining bullypedia but it keeps saying board unavailable. I really dont want to pay for a peds online account since im not a breeder and it wouldnt get used much. Any suggestions?
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    So haveing not been in this scene for long when I look at my boys pedigree all I notice are the titles won by each dog. My question is what do you veterans see when looking at his pedigree? Anyone stick out? And what bloodlines would you say are predominantly being used? This should be fun :cheers:
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey easy question (please humor me!)... I am looking at my little girls pedigree online and am wondering what it means when certain dogs names are "red"? She is a father x daughter breeding but is really great from what we can tell thus far... but I have no freakin clue what those red names...
  7. Pictures
    Thanks to the beautiful mind of my darling wife, she was able to show me how to better understand this whole process, so from the research thus far, it seems as though our bossman has some very nice history behind him:clap: P.S. Bosscobb Registered name is Booth's "De De".....thanks to my wife...
  8. Pictures
    Hello everyone, My wife and I just received our 7 generation pedigree back on our son 'Bosscobb' we are brand new-1st time owners of this gorgeous almost 7 months old APB, we get questions all the time from the public about him, but due to us NOT being familiar with pedigree information, and/or...
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello. I've recently discovered my dog's littermate online on some breeder site. (Confirmed by same parents and age) I saw that they had posted up her pedigree. Its obviously going to be the same since they are littermates. At any rate, I spent about an hour or two looking through his parents...
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    This is the sires side. Now the dams side. Any comments are welcome just want some opinions on what I've got!!
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    Which pedigree should i get when getting my dogs papers? She is adba an im wanting to find out a lil history on her parents bloodlines an stuff so what should i get Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  12. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey guys... I am wanting to know if anyone can tell me a little more regarding the bloodline of my guy Scruff - I posted pics of him in the gallery, but in case you missed them here he is... Here is his father: His info: He is the son of Dillenger of Ironman Pits and the grandson of the...
  13. General Discussion
    Well didn't want a bully but looking at the ped hell thats what I got.The pup Tyson is mine might have to go up to see but will you guys take time a look @it tell me what you think. BullyPedia|The American Bully Online Pedigree Database
  14. General Discussion
    Pedigree breeders is a topic that interests me, primarily because I don't really understand what pedigree breeders are trying to get out of pit bull stock anymore. Legally, it's indirectly a crime to breed for game anymore, so I guess they're breeding solely for looks. That being the case...
  15. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello, I recently adopted Kapone from a close friend of mine and am eager to educate myself on the history of this dog and what blood is the most prominent despite what his UKC pedigree shows. He is three years old and weighs in at 65lbs. His pedigree shows 7 generations of pedigree with mostly...
  16. Bloodline Discussion
    Just thought Id share this with yall.. This was posted in the Spring 2010 Issue of the ADBA Gazette.. ADBA Pedigree Analysis Falin's ACE Bam Bam's Teardrop is the product of a half brother to a half sister mating (linebreeding)with both parents being sired by...
  17. Bloodline Discussion
    Breeding dogs is as PC as owning a "Pit Bull". That said, one tool for good breeding (or understanding your dog) is a inbreeding calculator. Inbreeding calculator Inbreeding_CE_AG_and_TT_Done2 by Sterbentz Creations, on Flickr With out crunching the numbers, I would not have guessed that...
  18. Bloodline Discussion
    Ina / not needed
  19. General Discussion
    I love my pup to death so in the long run it really doesnt matter what people think about the ped.. Lol.. Im only going to pay attention to the good replies anyway.. Lol.. Here is her ped.. This is the link from one of her siblings since i have done all i can to get registered on bullypedia and...
  20. Bloodline Discussion
    Anyone know what blood this came from? Here are the third and fourth Gens. Thankyou and Goodluck ----- ****'s "Redd Hot" ****'s "Lucifer" ----- ****'s "Misdemeaner ----- Hitt's "Walley" Bambi's "Brindle Ladybug" -----...
21-40 of 125 Results