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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello, Everyone! My boyfriend and I just got our Pit Bull puppy, Raven. She is now about 8 weeks old. Her mom (Bella) is APBT (I am not sure but I think I was told she was Gator) and her dad (Zeus) is APBT (Blue Nose). Neither of them are registered or have papers. I want to breed her when...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    I'm new to pedigrees :roll: I really don't understand them at all, I really really don't understand this forum so I'm really lost... ANYWAYS a friend of mine has a AKC registered American Staffordshire, the dog is BEAUTIFUL ! he is perfect, beautiful muscles, and he was a blue nose, very...
  3. General Discussion
    Well the website is down and i saw someone on fb post about it saying that they were permanently shut down.. has anyone else heard anything??
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Pedigrees More to it than meets the eye. -By Dr.H.J.Hewson-Fruend BA (Prof Writ.) BSc (Hons) PhD (Syd)- A pedigree, by definition is a genealogical table or ancestral line. The genealogical table, or family tree, lists descendants of given parents; an ancestral line lists the ancestors...
  5. Pitbull Articles
    I wrote this some years ago and post it on my blog, few years has past now and I am not sure if anyone has read what I wrote, but here it go again...... Pete from "Our Gang" Pete the Pup was a popular dog character in Our Gang, the ground breaking series of short comedy films depicting 20...
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    Virtualpedigree has now reach over 13,000 pedigrees added to the database, with more than 2,000 images. What's more impressive, we are now growing at a rate of over 1,000 pedigrees a month. We're proud of our accomplishment and I wanted to thanks some of the contributors that frequent this...
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    I know all my other guys ped except theirs because I was shown Kera's parents and fell in love with her and knew their was alottttt of good dogs on there :) and Dora's was a mystery for what ever reason the ped link wouldn't work but I have them now :) <3 I have already bugun picking them apart...
  8. Bloodline Discussion
    ok this is probably a total noob thing but i have to ask. how do you read pedigrees? everytime i see one it confuses the heck out of me. sometimes you see names 4 or 5 times in there and i have no idea what i am look at:hammer: some help please?
  9. Pitbull Articles
    Here a article I wrote about Pete the super star Pit Bull!!! Pete the Pup was a popular dog character in Our Gang, the ground breaking series of short comedy films depicting 20 minute adventures of a group of poor neighborhood children. The most remarkable characteristic about Pete the Pup's...
  10. Events, Results & Photos
    Bully dog show Gainesville, FL Here are my photo from the Bully dog show April 25th 2009. I know I am late posting these images :)but I still have too Well ENJOY!!!--oh there is a lot of dogs with no info, please feel free to tag or comment on them thanks. Also I will be uploading the newer...
  11. Obedience Training
    Training Tips for Your American Pit Bull | VirtualPedigrees.com Training tips for American Pit Bulls - II | VirtualPedigrees.com This is just the beginning, in the near future I am looking to get more in depth and more details. All feedback is encourage!!!
  12. Bloodline Discussion
    If you're the owner of a Pedigree dog then chances are your world revolves around "Man's Best Friend". You like to stay in the loop about all that's happening in the pedigree world so you can keep up-to-date; not just about the American Pit Bull pedigrees themselves, but all sorts of information...
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    I wrote a little article about the Title "What is a 4th generation Pedigree?", please visit the link below and read the article. Looking fwd to reading all comments and feedback!!! What is a 4th generation Pedigree? | VirtualPedigrees.com
  14. General Discussion
    Why don't the registries like UKC & ADBA ect. and what not have a searchable database online for pedigrees? It sure would be convienent.
  15. General Discussion
    Is there anyother way to find out the pedigrees on online-pedigrees.com with out having to pay?!
  16. Bloodline Discussion
    Can one of my dear friends here please fetch me this ped lol.. I have been to lazy to pay my account for this year lmao!:hammer: TLC'S CA STACK HOUSE OF F.P. TY TY TY TY:D
  17. Bloodline Discussion
    Trying to find the online pedigrees for my girls' parents. Having a hard time. I can get it down to the Great Grand Dad, but can't find anything further without having to pay for it. So if you can help me that'd be great! I have found them at the breeders website (truebullie.com) but would like...
1-17 of 19 Results