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    LOL i wanted to see if bear would smell or try some pepsi but he one smart boy, ( i would never give my dogs pepsi) His reactions are soo funny, watch the whole thing :D
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    Please go vote for whoever is #1 and keep HSUS from winning this money to then turn around and spend against us Posted By: Humane Society of The United States To: Members in 156 Causes Help Us Win $250,000 to Rescue Animals from Cruelty Thank you for supporting a Facebook Cause that benefits...
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    Bully Lovers!! OUR BREED Needs Your Support!! ResponsaBullies Boarding: Specialize in Bully Dog Breeds care | Pepsi Refresh Everything Please Check it Out and Vote To Open a Boarding Facility Geard to helping Bully breed and Children!!! and PEPSI is Willing To Help but we Need To MAke it To The...
1-3 of 4 Results