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    stories like this just piss me off, our dogs have enough to worry about without the crazy anti pit bull people targeting them for abuse! http://www.twincities.com/localnews/ci_21164352/savage-pit-bull-assaulted-by-person-was-ambassador?source=rss Savage: Pit bull assaulted by person was...
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    We were at an adoption event this weekend. A lady came up and said she saw one of our babies on the website and came out just to see her. As the lady brought our girl back from a walk, she said... this girl just looked so sweet in her photo... I knew she'd be the ONE to change my mind about...
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    Well, I found out she was coming through my neck of the woods so we set it up to meet up and bring the dogs. It was quick but fun. :woof: Gargamel has captured my heart, according to Amy he liked me as well. He is such a handsome boy and pictures don't do him justice. I could just give him...
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    Well since Bobby is nice after work he picks up the scrap lumber which are mostly small pieces for my mom so she can use it in her wood stove. Recently he's been giving a guy a ride to work and not even charging him gas money. Well he pulled his truck up right to the dumpster and the guy was...
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    Perfect view of animal cruelty by Cesar Milan .. JERK He needs to be taken off TV
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    Kg is Baby Lyssa the daugther of dog, from dog the bounty hunter show. baby lisa aka kg with big bro leeland
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    ok so there is this chick who has her own pitbull kennel... wel check this out.. he rescued 2 pitbull pups then sold them for $400 when they were old enough to give away..then she saved a so called pure pitbull but she is deff x with something cos shes got long hair around her neck & a thick...
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    ok so this person has bred her so called pitbulls and she has the pedigree writen up and yea well they have R.E in them...a few people have noticed that they aint pitbulls and have told her...but dont get me wrong they are really good looking pups...
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    i apologize to any city or county worker i have harrassed and am going to harrass. two weeks ago i called in a complaint to the "city safety" people, sorry i don't know thier official title. i live next to the high school and for some reason the parents and probably also students feel it is okay...
1-11 of 25 Results