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  1. Pictures
    Marely 1 year now & Petey 6 months. They're growing up!
  2. Pictures
    "close enough" hehe
  3. Pictures
    Hi my name is Cory. Me and my girlfriend own a 2 year old pit mix. We are not sure his exact blood line. Unfortunately we found Petey on the side of the road coming home from our Florida vacation. He was extremely skinny and had lots of fur missing. At the time I didnt think to take any pics of...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    6month old male ill get right to it...Last night around 12:30 i woke up to a deathly smell and right away knew Petey pooped in his cage.Hes potty trained so i thought it was a little strange.Anyway we cleaned it up and moved on,about 20 mins later i hear some weird noises...walk in there and he...
  5. Pitbull Articles
    Here a article I wrote about Pete the super star Pit Bull!!! Pete the Pup was a popular dog character in Our Gang, the ground breaking series of short comedy films depicting 20 minute adventures of a group of poor neighborhood children. The most remarkable characteristic about Pete the Pup's...
  6. General Discussion
    hey everyone I havent been around for a while, thought Id stop in and say hello, and I have a favor to ask, does anyone by chance have a picture of the little rascals petey, Im looking for a certain one, the one where he is sitting up and balancing a baseball on his nose?....thanks I cant seem...
1-6 of 6 Results