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  1. Pit Bull Legal News
    People.... https://www.thedodo.com/dr-laura-wants-pitbulls-killed-887232149.html
  2. Pit Bull Legal News
    First thing first: yes I signed up just to post this petition. I hope this is the right place, because I am asking you to sign a petition that would ask TIME to take down their poorly researched, NOT fact checked, and biased article, "The Problem With Pitbulls". I'm sure many of heard of this...
  3. BSL Discussion
    I want to make a petition towards the Ontario government about Bsl and changing the law to please both Pitbull owners and the government but I have no idea how to make a petition and I'm wondering if anybody can help me out with making one.
  4. General Discussion
    Support Pitbull Service Dogs Like Elle Helping "Pay it Forward" for the Disabled Support Pitbull Service Dogs Like Elle Helping "Pay it Forward" for the Disabled Community...
  5. General Discussion
    Below is my a petition I started this morning to ban main stream media and Associated Press from falsely listing mixed breed dogs as "Pit Bulls" without first having the dogs DNA tested or examined by the AKC or ASCPA!! Please sign and share with everyone you know. Literally hundreds of...
  6. Pit Bull Legal News
    Not sure if anyone has see this. A petition to end BSL. They still need 20,000 signatures by the 18th! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/ban-and-outlaw-breed-specific-legislation-bsl-united-states-america-federal-level/d1WR0qcl Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  7. General Discussion
    yeah I know, these are all over the place. I have a friend working closely with the DA who is prosecuting this case. he is confident with enough noise he could get this moved to superior court where the sentence will be more serious and said anything is worth a shot. PLEASE take 2 seconds to...
  8. The Booth
    Bully Debates Round 1: BTK debates Jennifer Nasheed's "Call For Action" Petition The Bully Booth with Bully the Kid and the Lycan King 10/9pm CST and 7pm PST Tonight in the Booth, the Lycan King moderates our first round of Bully Debates. BTK will debate Jennifer Nasheed and her "Call to...
  9. BSL Discussion
    At this time, no ordinance is before the city council in Savannah, Georgia. However, dog owners in Savannah need to reach out to their city officials now - before any ordinance is proposed - to offer their suggestions and assistance with crafting an effective breed-neutral ordinance that will...
  10. Pitbull Articles
    Women's support group collects more than 1,000 signatures on pit-bull petition Posted: July 21, 2011 By Jan Skutch Copyright 2011 . "Mission accomplished", Women of Wisdom founder and CEO Cheryl LaBon said today as she announced more than 1,000 signatures on a petition to ask Savannah City...
  11. BSL Discussion
    Animals Petition: Katherine Houpt: Recant Testimony | Change.org 3 dogs have been sentenced to death that don't deserve to be! Please sign, we are trying to appeal and save these babies!
  12. BSL Discussion
    This is a petition to get FOX News to do a segment on the truth about pitbulls. How they are not naturally aggressive and how with the proper respectful owners that make great pets for children and families. It's time we as respectful owners and breeders show the public the truth about these...
  13. BSL Discussion
    Abolish BSL in Vancouver, WA. Petition
  14. BSL Discussion
    More proof why BSL doesn't work.:mad: Bring Lennox Home. - Sign the Petition | Change.org
  15. BSL Discussion
    Texans, if you have not signed the Texas petition against BSL, which will be presented to state lawmakers in January, NOW is the time: http://love-a-bull.org/resources/bsl/petition/ Mother hoping to create new law for pit bulls in TX TYLER, LA (KSLA) - A Tyler mother who lost her...
  16. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    This is crosspost from another forum, please take a minute to sign it, you don't have to register or anything, just follow the link and sign it. "My club is going to present the petition to the attorney on Monday so we need the signtures on by Sunday and the more signatures, the better. The...
  17. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I'm calling you out Krystal! MAKE A FACEBOOK OR ELSE! :stick: lol Facebook is awesome! Come on Krystal.... EVERYBODY IS DOING IT! :woof: Heck give me the info I'll set it up... I had to do it for my sister and my best friend haha
  18. General Discussion
    There is a 2nd petition for Bella- SIGN PETITION HERE All information can be kept confidential. Original (Petition) Post Let's continue to give support in order for JUSTICE to be given in Bella's (and all other pit bulls') honor. Please sign and pass along to all your family and friends...
  19. General Discussion
    JUSTICE FOR BELLA PETITION Previous Post on Justice for Bella Please - let's get the remaining 5,000 votes to reach 10,000. You can keep your name and information private! (only your state will appear) Please let's get Justice for her! Please spread the word to all your family and friends...
  20. General Discussion
    This is sickening. :mad: I know everyone here can help and pass the word along. Justice needs to happen. Please sign this petition, and you can keep your name private. Please help Bella, who was shot and killed. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/201/justice-for-bella Thank you.
1-20 of 35 Results