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  1. Pictures
  2. Pictures
    Phoebe just turned 1 year old June 13th
  3. Pictures
    Phoebe is doing real good. She is a great pup. I weighed her today and she is weighing 35 lbs. I have been socializing her with other dogs we have two other dogs at home. She has been playing with all the neighbors dogs and has started puppy class just so that I can keep her social.
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    So Someone ;) was so very nice enough to help me look up Phoebe's pedigree. Well technically it is her litermates, her bellymate brother, Lil Man, but this is the exact same ped for Phoebe, just wanted to share :D ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [331196] :: LITTLE MAN Let me know what you all think :D
  5. Pictures
    So Phoebe wanted to be in on the pics for the Holidays and these are the ones I got from Sunday, lol!! Iz gonna layzdown mom-lady - Whatz dat over der - K, Iz done wif da pics now mom-ladyz - just for good measure, Belly luvs pleaseeeee -
  6. Pictures
    RUB MAH BELLY PWWEEEEAASSSSSSEEEEEEE :D lmaooo she is such a funny little girl :D
  7. Pictures
    alright so you all have been asking and I went and picked Phoebe up today and the whole P&O gang went to the park. So here ya go, here is just Phoebe - Iz seez you mom-lady - Just to give you some size refrence, lol - lol there ya go :D Enjoy!!!
  8. Pictures
    ok so if y'all haven't figured out I take LOTS of pics of my dogs, well we went and picked Phoebe up and all 4 dogs got some play time in at the neighborhood park. haha this is them before we left sitting nicely so I could get a "good" pic of them - Phoenix rides in the carseat, like this -...
  9. Pictures
    Ok so since I finally made it to 15 posts, I thought I'd share my pack with y'all. I will start with my boy Phoenix. Is my heart and my constant companion. I found out that we got him from a BYB but he is a awesome dog and if I had only known then what I know now. lol baby Phoenix @ 8 weeks...
1-11 of 12 Results