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  1. Pictures
    Riley in slug-dog mode Riley is a bad influence on Michaela Some dogs jump out of bed, some dogs ooze... Have I mentioned Riley is not a morning dog? They do move... once you get them out of bed Can you find the second dog in this picture?
  2. Site Support and Feedback
    Folks, I can't post any more photos using iPhone here ? Any issue in the forum system ?
  3. General Discussion
    Couple pictures of him
  4. General Discussion
    Took him to the lake.... Frozen lake lol
  5. Pictures
    Since everyone seems to get busy during the holidays. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays. From my fur babies to yours.
  6. Pictures
    Holiday photos Me, Bizmark (the one I'm holding), and Maggie Mae (black) *edited to correct spelling mistake in title*
  7. Pictures
    Just a couple photos of Apollo :) :rofl: He doesn't like the dew in the grass in the mornings. I have never seen a dog who hated to get his paws wet. xD
  8. Pictures
    Been a while since I shared some pictures and let everyone know how we are doing! :) I have been doing well with schoolwork, I got a raise at work, and my boyfriend was promoted to manager at his job! We also got 2 new roommates! :hammer: Xena had another outbreak, nothing too major but until...
  9. Pictures
    Emily, Bayleigh, Pirate, and Penny 9 years, 3 years, almost 2 years, and 11 months old Extreme head tilt! There are four dogs in these photo. These two!! <3 I don't know what I'd do without these two. Pure evil, now in fun size!
  10. Pictures
    I went on a picture taking spree! Her spot on the bed, she sits by my head and stares out the window until it's time to come cuddle under the covers: Her "Please don't go to work Mom" face :( Feelin' frisky.... Going to get me... Time to wrestle! A wild Eko appears! Xena is...
  11. Pictures
    i got more pictures a few days ago, we got a lot more snow since i last posted of cali playing in it. I also let her play with the jolly ball for some nice shots. i did get 2 shots of bear, he was a baby lol and wanted inside.
  12. Pictures
    Just a couple random Photos I took yesterday. Apollo Running Snow being a Goof She is my Vermin snatching dog. :) Loves catching Possums. Had her nose on something Yesterday. But I didn't go check it out. It was probably just a little king snake or something. Apollo just didn't want any...
  13. Pictures
    Before I post can someone tell me if it worked I'm new and not sure how to post pictures. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  14. Pictures
    So I have more photos but thought i would share my favorites..there is only one of each dog. Kind of a natural stack photo of each. I couldnt be more pleased with how they all are looking and their attitudes. Alexa Drake Magnus
  15. General Discussion
    Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  16. Pictures
    A few new photos of our mongrel.
1-16 of 134 Results