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  1. Pictures
    My girlfriend LOVES taking pictures. It seems like we take some just about every season of the year. LOL, I just wanted to share some of them since i think they turned out really good, and the pups actually cooperated with us!
  2. Pictures
    So Breanna (Bree on GP) and I took one of her pups and Gargamel to Hough's Neck, a beach in my city. We were searching out a sunset over Boston, which is hard when you live on the east coast lmao She got sooooo many pictures and I love them all of course! I had to share, I hope you guys enjoy...
  3. Pictures
    Shox had his first photo shoot today with TrueFaze, who is one of the best photographers in the Bully World. I can't believe how grown up my boy looks in these shots. He is 4 months old and looking more bully every single day!
  4. Pictures
    ...Santa's missing an elf. I know we haven't posted much here, so I hope it's OK that we pop in to share a little early holiday cheer. To cover a few basics: 1. Yes I probably am certifiably crazy. 2. No this probably wasn't the best use of my time last night. 3. Lots of people are obsessed...
  5. Pictures
    He turns one in a few days.. Happy early birthday, my Porky Torquey Poo! One week.. And now, one year..
  6. Pictures
    shes so pretty.... and funny face.... me and my pretty pitty :)
  7. Pictures
    Well... This Is Where I Wanted To Be Lol! Biggie Smalls @ 3 Months Old! Ginger @ 3 Years Old! Enough of the glamour shots... Let the fun pics begin! Have a great weekend, mine is already awesome.... !!!PICS OF MY CH ROCKY X GINGER DAUGHTER COMING SOON!!!
  8. Pictures
    So today is my day off, and i drove my grandmother to my little cousins school to watch her get an award. I brought my pup since i didnt want to leave her at home. Here are some different shots of her. My camera is my iPhone 4, so some are the default camera, and some are from Instagram, and...
  9. Pictures
    Its such a gorgeous day here in Florida, so I thought I could have a little photoshoot, take advantage of this sunshine. (Except its like 95 degrees out) These are my kids, Sebile, my little pit, is 6 months now, and the other one is Sooner, hes a lab/boxer mix, he's 2 years old this month! :)...
  10. Pictures
    Took Bullet and Misha on a walk today, and did a little photoshoot. Weather wasn't incredibly sunny, so the lighting's not fabulous, but these are my favorite pics out of the hundreds I took... lol:roll: Come on, Mom! Let's go! *yawn* this is getting boring!! I's got a wittle fwend on mah...
  11. Pictures
    I'm working on getting Beau's butt back in shape! The winter fat is finally off and now time to get him back in hunting condition! As you can tell he loves his spring-pole and flirt-pole.
  12. Pictures
    thank god my dogs listen or this would have took allll day lol and yes i had to put them in every postioin their sittin in including when their layin down, karma did not want to lay the way i wanted her to so i had to keep turning her over.... lol i have no clue what there looking at...
  13. Pictures
    Well my aunt is a photographer and she want to take a few picutres of Joe so I figured I would show my boy off :D :D :D
1-14 of 15 Results