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  1. Pictures
    How do I add pics
  2. Bullies 101
    8months strong [emoji1491][emoji1491] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Last night my girlfriend noticed this red bump on her pitbull's private parts, she said she's behaving normally but is concerned that it could be serious. To me it looks like it could be a bug bite or a blister but I don't know, we were hoping somebody with more knowledge could chime in. She's...
  4. Pictures
    A photo update of my new crew. My very old cats passed away last year so I've since adopted another two. One from the shelter and one from the bushes outside of my vet's office. An OG member on here offered me her pit dog as a travel companion since my old boy Ecko is getting on in years and a...
  5. Pictures
    I wanna see! Here's mine...
  6. Pictures
    I haven't been on here much lately but Bruno is doing really good and I just started having him run/pull me while I Rollerblade. This is just a quick video from day one, he enjoys pulling and also just likes to run next to me. Gets lots of attention from the neighbors lol a great new way to keep...
  7. Pictures
    So last weekend myself and Rogue went on our first hike together completing around 6-7 miles.. Not once did he show signs of wanting to stop as I encouraged him along the way.. He is 6 months now and proving to be a working dog with everything I throw at him! Will definitely be getting another...
  8. Pictures
    He's a little on the chunky side as he's had issues with his feet over the last 4 months and I haven't been able to hand walk or mill him. First set of pics are from when Aireal visited last weekend and he got to play with her dog Cheza. Sorry I'm not on much anymore. I'm always reading, just...
  9. Pictures
    Since I left the girls out of the last one here they all are.
  10. Pictures
    Sorry have not been very active been so busy and seriously what feels like a couple days turns into months lol.... Dogs are all doing amazing and Pep has done a 180 since my ex moved out , she is a new dog so happy and playful... the dog who never played with a toy in 4 years now plays fetch...
  11. Events, Results & Photos
    Beatrix is now 16 months, she has completed her level 1 and 2 obedience courses and will be starting pre-novice when the next class is available. We work on SATS bridge and target training also. She is learning her body parts and we are building her vocabulary. Still have goals of obtaining her...
  12. Pictures
    Yesterday I took Opie and Lucy to a meetup with some other local Am Bully owners for an unofficial fun-show and to let the pups play and socialize. Despite an unexpected thunder storm earlier in the day we still had a blast hanging out with other bullies and their people. Opie as always, giving...
  13. Pictures
    So a few days ago I made Bruno a flirt pole, looked up all the different ways to do it, and I decided to use a horse lunge whip ($10) and I got a few different toys for when he destroys them lol. Right now this is what it looks like. All I had to do was tie the toy to the horse whip and it's...
  14. General Discussion
    Sup peeps. Luna is currently 52lbs and doing great :doggy: I switch between Orijen Regional Red and Six Fish. 2.5/3 cups a day. Been doing so for 14 months. Lots of of photos so I'll try and caption them above. The American bulldog (Knox) is my neighbor's dog and has been Luna's boyfriend...
  15. Pictures
    she has gotten a lot taller since i got her, i dont really notice expect everyonce in a while ill think she is kinda tall :-) she will be small but thats ok, i wouldnt have room on my bed if she were big
  16. Pictures
    For the first time outside with my daughter in law Nina With my grandson Jaylen Lola want also a place on my lab In the garden enjoying the spring sun Take a nap after playing.
1-19 of 493 Results