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  1. My Bullies

    My red nose and his brother...
  2. Pictures
    Update with some closeups of the pups we still have
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Quick story... I adopted my dog back in March from a shelter. Weighing 45 lbs with most of his hair gone. Shelter said he had mange. Took him to a vet and they diagnosed him with bacterial infections. Did a skin scraping but didn't find any mange. Dog was itching like crazy and end up taking...
  4. Pictures
    Ecko and Scottie the Body sleeping on the couch. Boo aka Boocifur being cute for two seconds before going back to being the devil. Boo only loves one creature in the house. Me. Mr. The Body sporting what is most likely a shoe string of slobber. He thinks he's a dog. And then there's...
  5. Pictures
    Past life scars Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Pictures
    This is my first round of Christmas pics. I was at Mom's house and Cheza isn't allowed there. So I have plans to take all three to my friend Rachel's house and snap pics in front of her awesome Christmas tree. Oh, and the little guy is my newest addition. His name is Mini Mac and he's all about...
  7. Pictures
    Been a while since I posted some new pics of the mutts! We're 'Bama ready! Roll Tide! Nala stealing my only chair for the moment! Kaos is such a mama's big snuggling under the covers. Ciara checking out the beautiful night sky. C lovin' their new bed Not to be outdone, the DD...
  8. Pictures
    Updated pictures of Ripley (my monster) shes close to a year and a half i believe. I know that accurate calls on what she might be is impossible without pedigree but i enjoy hearing peoples guesses and id appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. General Discussion
    Just some pics of thunder when he was really small and his parents for those interested to voice their opinion Sent from my G8142 using Tapatalk
  10. General Discussion
    The ones outside were this morning, after a light rain last night The one with the hoodie on, is in my sons room a few days ago [emoji4][emoji190] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Pictures
    Checking things out outside Nala in my chair She loves watching TV And the ottoman! Kaos lounging on the balcony And on the sofa Whatever, whatever I sleep how I want! LOL Waiting for the world to change Thanks for checking us out everyone! Nala has the most beautiful eyes and...
  12. Pictures
    This Kane he is 11 months, he has Kharma's toy lol this is Kharma, she is six weeks old, feisty lil thing ? Just wanted to share ?
  13. Pictures
    I woke her up from a nap so she wasn't so rowdy!
  14. Pictures
    Hey All, After months of deliberating, talking to Craiglisters and APBT Kennels, I decided to check some adoption agencies. I ended up finding a female we could add to the family today. We will be able to take her home on Monday. 1st. That was my 1st time at Kennel and wow, its sad and it...
  15. Pictures
    Can anyone give me feedback on weather on not beef liver is a good healthy treat for a dog please?!
  16. Pictures
    My son's Pitbull Terrier > Sega .... She loves to sleep on our beds .....
  17. Pictures
    Hey guys! Kira is our collie/lab (nicknamed Fluffer Butt). She's 13 months old and we rescued her from Animal Control. Being a collie, she is super energetic and hyper. She literally bounces off walls and furniture, even after several walks and outside play time with the tennis ball. :pupruns...
  18. Pictures
    Hello here is Midnight.
1-19 of 500 Results