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  1. Pictures
    New to these boards and thought I'd introduce our baby Pancake( Cakes for short). She is a seven and a half month old rescue dog. I have no idea of her bloodline etc. She's smart, energetic, loves life and gets along with our five cats and Jack Russell. That's enough for me.:) First night home.
  2. Pictures
    These are from the day he turned ~ 10 5-18-09 :) Can I have my b-day present now???? Come on I'm waiting???? Oh coooooooool, just what I wanted!!!!!! :) For those who don't know at the end of March, he had serious emergency surgery when his spleen ruptured. You can see where he is still...
  3. Pictures
    I took some picts. of smoke today. He needs a bath because he's been playing in the garden again but we're having a cook out saturday and he'll just do it all over again, so he'll get it sunday
  4. Pictures
    More show picts of June Bug Got more picts Here is Jr with her owner in the show ring
1-5 of 5 Results