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  1. Pictures
    His name is Eclipse, he's 9 weeks old and he is Eli/Maverick. (Pictures came out sideways sorry) :hammer:
  2. Pictures
    We adopted GreyC almost a year ago. We think she turned 2 in April. We quickly found her daily job (squirrel gamer). She loves our family and has been love at first sight from day one. Best friend/dog ever! Also found Purina One smartblend has been great without any digestive issues. How do I...
  3. General Discussion
    I work for a 3d metal printing company called ExOne. after our dog Zoe passed I had a plaque printed that is 6X4X1/4 inch this one is at work and we have one at home that is 5X3. It is done with tiny pyramid's each a different height depending on the color and shading. It is like a hologram...
  4. Pictures
    I tried it but apparently need a little help
  5. Pictures
    Lump and Slim doing what they do best. ;)
  6. General Discussion
    For about a week I've had a lot of problems trying to share update pictures of Crixus. Every time I try to attach images, it says that there was an error. I've logged off and back on and I've waited a few days in between, etc. anyone else having this problem or know why I'm having it?
  7. Pictures
    Took a charmer last night.. wanted to share :] That is all
  8. Pit Bull Legal News
    Click Here to Vote Now For Your Favorite True Love Contest Picture at PetGuide.com.
  9. Pictures
    I haven't posted any newer pics in quite a while so I thought I might as well update a bit. Charlie is almost two now and just got finished with a course of antibiotics for a skin infection so he isn't exactly in peak condition but nothing a little working won't take care of. :)
  10. Pictures
    Hey everyone, look in the "Sticky" section at the top of the page and you will see that we started up the picture contests for Dog of the Month! :D :pupruns:
  11. Pictures
    This was my favorite from today's walk. :) Hope you enjoy.
  12. Pictures
    I tried to post a picture in "all albums" of my bully puppy and it wont let me? What am I doing wrong?:hammer::woof:
  13. Pictures
    A couple pics i took yesterday, not many but it's something :) sad puppy eyes pine cone fetch looks like a puppy in this pic which i miss those puppy days the look i got when i told her go inside
  14. Pictures
    We went for a ride the other night. We were at a stop light.
  15. Pictures
    I can't believe she will be 14 months already! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  16. General Discussion
  17. Pictures
    I just realized Subie weighed 4.7 lbs. when we brought her home on December 22, now almost 2 months later she weights exactly 20 lbs. Noooooooo. She's growing so fast! :( Sent from Petguide.com Free App
1-17 of 167 Results