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  1. Pictures
    Loki has come a long way from being an abandoned 12 week old pup to an over 90 lb baby, and still growing 😳. He’s a compact bundle so it’s hard to see that he is almost a 100 lb puppy. He recently turned 1 yrs old. He’s trying to be a good boy but he is a boy after all 😄. He’s like a little boy...
  2. Pictures
    I wanted to post a: "Photo-Dump" as well....OOPS? Ok, Im new here. So, I have no clue what I'm doing, as far as picture posting is concerned. I was able to select 9 photos of: My Furry Lil Meatball, My Pride & Joy, My Main Man, Kane.[emoji240][emoji252][emoji177] Yet, once I hit send, it...
  3. Pictures
    Rosie at 6 months. Wondering if she will grow much more.. she's still very small Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  4. General Discussion
    I finally figured out how to upload pics! So here she is.... my Karma.
  5. Pictures
    I just wanted to post some pictures of my girl as she grows I'm hoping she doesn't top out bigger than 50lbs and if I go by the whole double get weight thing I think (hope) she'll be in the 40lb range. Dad was 55lb and mom was 45lb so I think my chances are good that she won't be bigger than I...
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Im posting a story on watt pad, but i need pictures. The pitbull is a brown pitbull with a white diamond or mark on chest. I need puppy, yearling and adult. I need to be able to cut, add more photos and edit the photos. I WILL NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT! The photos will have your name watermarked on...
  7. Pictures
    Here are some more recent pictures of our boy Rampage. He has been through alot and also been by my side. Couldnt ask for a better friend. Going tonight to look for him a companion, so hope it goes good. Oh disregard the floors.. We just had the hot water heater bust and its in the attic. So...
  8. Pictures
    Some update pictures . . . . .
  9. Pictures
    He sleeps ALL the time! I'm thinking its his medicine What a good boy at the vet! His Labby side really showing here,lol Here he is next to my grandmas pitbull/ English bulldog mix (before learning about the mange but vet said she will be fine since what he has isn't contagious to older...
  10. Ear crops
    I am getting my girl's ears done in a few weeks and then my males. I need pics of battle/short crops to show the vet. If anyone has any frontal- and side views can you post them for me please? Thanks in advance!
  11. Pictures
  12. Pictures
    Sorry Hash and Dicky, not that kind of T and A. :cheers: Using this thread to post pictures of Titus and Athena and keep them all together. Baby Titus Baby Athena Titus and Jayden Athena and Jayden Titus at almost a year old Titus at work Titus, almost two Athena at...
  13. Pictures
    Blackboy is looking on point
  14. Pictures
    I don't think I've shared any pictures of Kratos yet. So here we go! Ten weeks old Eleven weeks old Twelve weeks old Thirteen weeks old Fourteen weeks old Fifteen weeks old Week sixteen is coming up tomorrow. He will be four months old. I can't believe it!
1-15 of 500 Results