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    Hi all..... i cant post pics into my album on my profile:curse:.... any suggestions? Im using Mac btw... GRACIAS :cheers:
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    Hey everyone, i know i havent posted pictures in a while like i used too but i have been busy, and i know its not much pics but i promise to have way more soon :) relaxing OMGZ a flyin sausage :rofl: Bye guyz
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    Yep. My pupperz' had some fun in the sun yesterday. Bought them a 5 ft. round kiddie pool at walmart for $15!! Man I love that place... lol Anyway, filled up the kiddie pool and let them have at it. Buddy (boxer) and Odin (GSD) had a blast! They were really cautious at first, but after I threw...
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    king 4 months!!! will be 5 months on the 8th king u like my shoes? no i like that tv lol i love the way he is standing in this pic. thoes are the most recent took today hope yall like
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    some of these are a little old but fit sorry such bad qaulity these are from my camera phone. "all i want for xmas is a bone" "why mom puts a kitty hat on me, i have no idea" "no more pics, i look fat" "MUUCCCH better, okay ill help decorate now" for xmas we got my mother in law a...
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    IMG]http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa116/pitpicz_2007/CIMG0016.jpg[/IMG] IMG]http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa116/pitpicz_2007/CIMG0008.jpg[/IMG] tell me what you think