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    Just a few pictures I got while we were waiting for Doug to get off work Cree Stacked from the front a face only a mother could love pig pose
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    I am butchering a 500lb pig tommorow.and i am keeping the skin for bite surface. Im going to streach and tan it. i think i will have eanough for a while. just thought i would share. that pig is gonna be:sleep: with the :angel:
  4. Pictures
    A good old game of kill the pig! Attack! Hold her down!! shoot she got lose! darn these lose puppy teeth! Don't you mess with me I'm gangsta! I'll take all ya b*tches on! General! I;m gonna get you SUCKA come heeere sissssster, i just want to plaaaay! A new game started, chase the...
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    Today I am taking it slow, I had only one private lesson this morning and have nothing to do for the rest of the day. We were out at the Casino all night and I am just relaxing. So I get up to go in the kitchen and in the dog room I see Pig sleeping in the most weird position. I ran and got my...
  6. Obedience Training
    Day 1 little Piglet She is doing well and has nice focus. We worked on watch, sit, down, and heel. She is going to do well and has good attention and food drive. Cree Well....... we worked on not trying to rip my fingers off when I feed him. Maybe tonight we can work on obedience commands. He...
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    So I will not post pictures every day but today is their day to learn what our place is about and explore. These were taken in the orchard this is really cute, Cree is following kaos and Pig is following Vixen riot and cree pig and kaos riot and General playing cree and riot Pig and kaos...
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    Okay alot of these are fuzzy because we couldn't figure the camera out at first... I know I need to mow my grass... I never feel like taking pictures when the grass is really mowed lol. HAD TO... Cree Cree Potty break Pig's got the jumpin' down Cree Cree tries, but...
  9. General Discussion
    How do I curb this? Every time it's feeding time Pig leaps ontop her crate and does this happy dance... it gets on my nerves now because she thinks the top of my head is an extension of her cage/ stage when i put the bowl in there. I know when she gets bigger and if we don't have those steal...
  10. General Discussion
    So I noticed the thread that started about hunting and moved on to ridiculousness was removed (and for good reason) but I was wondering if the original video could be reposted. It was a good video and I wanted to show a few of my friends who are into hunting. I hope it doesn't spark another...
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    First day Third day, rammed into my desk leg and decided it was a good place to pass out Caught in the act of drooling Hi! Playing with Stout Thats pig! Thats 10 weeks to 12 weeks!
  12. General Discussion
    instead of a dog. he makes the funniest snorting noise when he sniffs and snores really loud sometimes. its really funny. does anyone else have this problem? he is only 5 months old. about 2 weeks after we got him he got a bad cold. so i dont know i that has anything to do with it. just curious.