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  1. Pictures
    At the dog in the feild lol. i wouldnt dare let him out he'd be across the road in 2 seconds. He don't play with the strays....Anywho, R.E. male (i know that ***** dreaded bloodline right :D) turned 2 jan. 4th. [/URL][/IMG] that was a ***** funny joke dad. sorry about all the pix with my glass...
  2. Pictures
    well, in a sense. lol :) hes growin good. sorry about the camera like i said i should have a new digi come taxes :D cropped lol. both smiling :D
  3. Pictures
    heres a couple of the boy and da baby from last night. sorry about my wife's photography. shes slow she cant help it :D
  4. Pictures
    just a couple of the boys.
  5. Pictures
    heres my boy....crappy cell phone pix but hey u get the idea lol :D hes going to be 2 y/o jan. 4th. hes def. getting a lil thicker finally!! haha :D weighing in @ 56-60 lbs. pike and chump and my best friend logan who i gave chump to :D
  6. Pictures
    heres a couple of the boy. their camera shots so bare with me and just try 2 see the beauty of a digi camera lol. i want sum yo what u got now, i want sum of that too! me n pike lay on the floor like this more than u would ever know lol.... lookin amazed at the fish bowl. what the he11...
  7. Pictures
    by the purty stick :D pike n my beautiful wife
  8. Pictures
    They arent superb, but their decent. took these last night. The bird is our newest family addition. He's a senegal parrot, cousin to the african grey. He already whistles, (i taught him woo hoo) so im hoping he will be a good talker. Hes only like 14 weeks old. something like that. lol. ---shane...
  9. Pictures
    Heres my lil boy. :) enjoy. 1st two i was freakin him out by sayin theres some1 at the door lol.
  10. Obedience Training
    ok ok ok i've had enough!!! please help me, i dont know what to do. i live in the boonies...so pikes lucky enough to have the yard to himself on the loose,,,,but i think that's going to stop soon. I can't get him to come inside when we are ready to go somewhere/at night. I kennel him when we're...
  11. Pictures
    heres pike, chump, and my daughter riley yesterday. i have a vid of pike n chump playin tug-o-war but its like 32.5 mb's and this slow conn. @ work wont let me upload it so u'll have 2 wait :D they got really nasty...when they play together they get really hot so they go roll in the water that...
  12. Pictures
    well, i weighed pike yesterday. hes 13 months....and 58 lbs. anybody got a guesstimate of his full weight maturity. i know i've asked this 400x but i didnt have an accurate weight on him. a bully in standard...amazing right lol :) hes mostly staffy tho. heres some pix....u see what he does to my...
  13. Pictures
    chump turned a yr old today. he is 1/2 jocko pit 1/2 olde english bulldog. he's going to be a big dog....already big as pike, and pike turns yr and 3 months tomorrow. they had a great time. enjoy...shane [/URL][/IMG]
  14. Pictures
    heres chump (10 mons, on left) and my boy pike (13 months) here in the kitchen after a playdate all day while the men worked on the porch lol. only 2 pix just wanted to share. thanks, shane:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  15. Pictures
    heres me 3/4 r.e. 1/4 gotti bully and my friends (i gave him to him) umm i really dont know what he would be considered....i guess a bully cuz hes an old english bulldog and a jocko pit mix (bother in laws doings.....) Chump. hes only 10 months old.....and he weighs ab 10-15 lbs heavier than...
  16. Pictures
    heres my boy pike in the kitchen. my daughter was throwing him cheese-its and he was having a blast lol. their partners in crime, until he chews up one of her babydolls. To all those that say "bull dogs are vicious"................. here you go :) Also on another note, the bully's starting to...
  17. Pictures
    As the title states, my boy turned 1 (7) :) Heres some current pictures i took yesterday on the camera phone for u guys. let me know what u think, either way im open to opinions. hes 3/4 razors edge 1/4 gotti. :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:
  18. Pictures
    heres my boy pike @ 11 mon. catching vanilla wafers and playing with my daughter in the kitchen :love2:
  19. Pictures
    hi, this is my first post. this is my apbt boy Pike. hes 9 mo old in the pics. he just turned 10 mo. on the 4th of this mo. i hate that this breed has gotten such a bad rep. hes around my 2 daughters 24/7. nothing but love and affection from him. hes so smart. anywho, tell me what ya think...
1-19 of 19 Results