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    Tired pit bulls are happy pit bulls.Heehee each male has his favorite female to lay his head on
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    My newest additions!!! This is the biggest colby litter I've had, ever!! There were 12 in all, with 10 surviving!! I'm just waiting, impatiently for them to start walking around!! They are 2 weeks old!! This is daddy... Willy .... Here is momma... Bodie ... Here are the girls...
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    My friend posted this on FB today, thought I would share.
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    So I was sitting at the computer this morninng and I heard something, I look over and this is what I saw. LOL I just thought it was to cute not to share :D
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    I think this is so funny. Dosia always sits or lays on top of Marley. I seen a bunch of other pits do this too. Do your dogs like to doggy pile?
1-6 of 7 Results