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    I think he does like my pillow :D:D well his pillow now
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    So karma has the whole couch let alone the whole house to lay down. But she has to lay on my shoulder and head lol.
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    Pit Bull-- The Original Pillow Pet. ;) Apparently that goes for Bullies too, hahaha. :D She is SO CUTE! You should just send her to me. (kidding kidding)
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    Awwwwww Penny makes the best pillow......
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    Me and the girlfriend got home at the same time on Friday after work and when we went into our bedroom to let Enzo out of his crate all we saw was nothing but stuffing LOL. I guess Enzo finally got bored of having his pillow so he decided to kill it. He has had it in his crate since we got him...
1-5 of 6 Results