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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys. Three different people sent me an email about a new pit bull social network called Pit Friendzy (pitfriendzy.com) I check it out and it looks kinda like Pinterest. Has anyone heard much about it?
  2. Pictures
    My two boys. first picture is of my new boy Draygo, he is a 1 yr old brindle pit. The other is my dog Vito which is a 4 yr old rednose. They are both very loving and awesome dogs. wouldnt change them for the world. :love2::love2:
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    :woof:All breeds are welcome to come, but all dogs must be on a leash.:woof: Admission: FREE:woof: Vendor Space: FREE:woof: ACTIVITIES: Food, Fun, and dogs up for adoption. WHY YOU SHOULD COME: it is a great time to bring your dog to socialize with other people and OTHER DOGS! VENDOR SPACE...
  4. Pictures
    Kangol trying to snooze Kangol and Camo snoozing They are on chipmunk patrol Ultimate dishwasher :woof:
  5. General Discussion
    Today i get a phone from my 10 year old daughters mother, she calls me to tell me that they were at a flea market and she gave my daughter 10 dollars to spend, out of all the things there what does she want? A book about Pit bulls. This reminded me that the other day my daughter looks at me...
1-5 of 7 Results