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  1. General Discussion
    his name is bones i got him when he was 4 months from a friend he is now a year and 4 months
  2. Obedience Training
    Hey everyone, I have a 6mo old Pitt who is by far the most stubborn dog I've ever seen lol. I've got all the basic stuff down to a science (sit, lay down, stay, etc.) but when it comes to shake I'm at a standstill. I've tried treats, showing him, tricking him, everything but he just looks at me...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    i got a 5 month old pitt that wont eat....i feed em blue buffalo the puppy one but he wont eat it i got another pitt that is 3 and also eats blue buffalo but the adult formula and my lil man loves it will eat it all...so my question i guess is any ways to get him to eat his food????? or is it ok...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hi!! I just wanted to post and say hello to all the beautiful doggies an pups out there! Im so excited to be getting a pitt. She is so beautiful. the breeders named her lilly and i think its so perfect! I pick her up on the 3rd in SC im so excited to spoil my little girl. anyone have any tips or...
  5. Pictures
    This is Jester, my new boy. He'll be a year old in Jan. I apologize for the quality, they were all taken with me cell. Anybody have any ideas about what kind of pitt he is? Thank you!
  6. Obedience Training
    Hey, Im new to the forum, so this will be my first post, one of many to come hopefully. So my bully hennessy is just about to turn one year old, I have had her since she was 6 months, she was a rescue dog. This is my first dog so my training was a work in progress as much as hers was. So, i...
  7. General Discussion
    Here's some new pics. (I had to delete pics in my old post, cause it said I "exceeded my quota") Thanks for the response on my previous post! I'm pretty much settled on him being a fawn brindle color, but I have better/current pics now (just taken yesterday). Any other suggestions as to what...
  8. General Discussion
    just want to vent: PIT IS NOT SPELLED WITH TWO "T"S idk why but since i have been learning about the Dog Fighting in San Jose, CA, its bothered me to see to "T's" tacked on to PIT... i knwo it doesnt mean this everywhere, but the exra "T" for some reason represents TORMENT out here...
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    I just got my 3 mth old pitt from a friend... he does not know what bloodline he is from... i think he is a colby... can anyone help... he weights like 24lbs right now. look at the attachments.. there are pics.
  10. General Discussion
    Hello all i just purchased my pitt yesterday from a animal adoption. He is 4 months old. I have heard many times these dogs are very good with childrden, my question is how do i create a bond between my 17 month old and my 4 month old pup. I have my daughter every other weeken and once during...
  11. Pictures
    Hi everyone I have a lovely big boi called dexter. The rescue home said he was a staff x. We asked for a staffy. He is much bigger than a staff. He now weighs 32kg, he loves to hang from tree branches and runs like a leopard. As he gets older i see more pit in him. He has just turned a year. If...
21-31 of 32 Results