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  1. General Discussion
    My dog got injured while we sheltered another pit, now we need help getting Brünni back up to speed! We've always helped other pitties in need, anything you can help us with is greatly appreciated!
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    I found 2 blue nose pit bulls puppies I'm pretty sure they were dumped off. Anyways put up signs nobody ever called on them. What I need to know is the laws for owning two boy pit bull puppies in the town of Apple Valley, Ca. Any help would be appreciated thank you very much.
  3. General Discussion
    Hi everyone? So i thought it would be fun to just chat about what your getting your pooch for the holidays? We just moved up north in CA (napa area) and have a big yard, sooooooooo i think i am going to attempt making a spring pole!:hammer: Kenya LOVES her flirt pole but i think making a spring...
  4. General Discussion
    So okay, we're watching a friend of mine's 3 month old puppy. We're unsure what breed she is, but she -looks- like an American Pitbull Terrier. My friend bought her from a couple of people who weren't cut out to be dog-parents, who literally let the pup jump out the car window at a restaurant...
  5. Pictures
    I didn't get a chance to post any pictures before, so here are my two babies. Clutch is a 4 yr old Brindle pitbull/boxer mix And Chloe is a 3 mo old red/white Pitbull pup. Picture 1 - The day we brought Chloe home. 5 weeks old. (her mom wouldn't feed her because she was the runt, so she was...
  6. Pictures
    Here are some more pics of my pitties :D Cali has grown quite abit shes already pasted roxy size when i got her she was a little under roxy size my chihuahua, I would need to get a pic of them standing side by side but thats gonna be hard to get :rofl: Bear Cali
  7. Events, Results & Photos
    Fresno Bully Rescue, a non-profit, NO-KILL dog shelter in Fresno, CA specialzing in bully breeds will be holding it's "Pints for Pitties" fundraiser at Eureka Burger (Palm & Nees Avenues, Fresno, CA) on THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 2011, 7 pm. For a $10 donation at the door each attendee will receive a...
  8. Pictures
    Anybody on GP have any pics of little APBT? Im saying like 35 pounds and under full grown.
  9. General Discussion
    Every Year we help promote this fundrasier because it helps our breed and people are always asking "what can I do" well here it is....... Thanx to Deanna for doing this every year! chavezpits How can you help Whats up Pitbull World... Happy Holidays to all... Its that time of year, the season...
  10. The Pitbull Lounge
    DAYTON, Ohio (AP) - Police said an Ohio elementary school student bit a teacher on the arm and had to be pried off by a school official. Dayton police said the child was brought to the assistant principal's office at Patterson-Kennedy Elementary School Monday by teacher Stephen Green. The boy...
  11. General Discussion
    Thought this was an awesome video... D-Boy Saves Family
  12. Pictures
    Random Schutzhund photos from last practice...hope you enjoy!
1-12 of 16 Results