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  1. Pictures
    Anyone have hi-res pictures of puppies in a group? I need a group of five pups for a project I'm working on. Doesn't matter the actual breed, just need to be very young and must be five. Thanks in advance.:)
  2. Pictures
    Hello Hello...so this will be my official Drogo pic thread. Will update pics from time to time. He is 10 weeks now, which means in 6 weeks he comes home from The Netherlands! Pic breeder sent me today...
  3. Pictures
    Okay y'all... for those in VIP, you already know about the newest addition, Miss Cookie, courtesy of our very own Firehazard. Here's some pictures of her bonding over the last few days, and some updated pictures of the rest of the pack. Cookie bonding with Trinity and with the boy Cookie...
  4. Pictures
    His new obsession, collecting sticks on walks. First trip to the beach, he LOVED it! Wanted to attack the waves. I wish I could upload a video through the phone Tagging along for some errands Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. Pictures
    He had his second set of vaccines today, at his 8 week appointment he was 8lbs, now at 12 weeks he's weighing 17lbs Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  6. Pictures
    Wanted to share pictures of Frankie & Johnnie Jennifer Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  7. Pictures
    She sure is getting big, even though she seems small compared to most other Pitties. I took her in and she weighed at 52Lbs at 10 months but she just seems so small after seeing most of the pits posted here. Here she was at 5 weeks, and the others were taken tonight. Is my girl the runt...
  8. Pictures
    I am so lazy about messing with peekshures.......!! I was the photog as well as thrower so sadly, most of these are the same angle. She looks a little fat/flat/out of shape here to me.... Throw it already..!!!!!! Wish this one wasn't so dark - it's a cool angle!
  9. Pictures
    Just a few new pix of the Ruby. I don't dress Ruby up in clothes or bandanas ---- but I do cover her up with her blankie when it gets cool....... :oops: She is such a happy dog!!! this is her usual new- or excited- toy 'dance'. (she likes toys that have something to hold on to) -...
  10. Pictures
    of my boys hope u like... 1st(Nismo age 8)brindle 2nd(King age 3)Blue 3rd(Bishop age 1)fawn
  11. Pictures
    I hate messing with pix and am grossly overdue in sharing some Ruby-fun. These were taken yesterday with a 'new' solo photographer technique I came up with and, for my (lack of) skills, I am pretty happy with how they turned out.
  12. Pictures
    He is now 6 months and 51 pounds .. the first 2or3 is recent the other he was either 4or5months..
  13. Pictures
    Hello All, Here are a few pix of my puppy Tyson he is now 4 months old about 32-33lbs and is it just me but doesn't he look allot different from his 3&4mths old pix? The first pix is is 3mths old pix and the rest are his 4mnth and he already looks allot older lol my wife calls him an old man...
  14. Pictures
    So I finally got another cam to take pix (my little cousin broke my old one lol) Precious: Purebred Gizmo: Pit/Chi
  15. Pictures
    Hey fellow members I just wanted to post new pix of my new pup name Precious. She is 8 months old. I was unsure if I was going to keep her, since my Boi was aggressive towards her, but worked with them and seem happy now. I've worked on him not trying to dominate her. I plan on fixing her, but...
  16. Pictures
    I was proud of Money at ther first show and really long car ride. She did great! I think we reached the goals I set for her and I learned a lot as always.
  17. Pictures
    Hello All, Here are a few new picture of blue he is now 6months and 65.5 pounds.. Alos if you can any idea on how much more bigger he will get his pops is about 75-85lbs and moms is about 60-65lbs.. Thanks :woof:
  18. Pictures
    I think she's looking pretty good right now - not a lot of firm muscle but def less fat.
  19. Pictures
    So, I went to the Bully Bonanza in Knoxville before work today, hosted by the East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue. Unfortunately, I didn't get many shots as I was too busy lovin on all the bullies, meeting ppl from myspace and facebook, and helping my old man get some very well thought out questions...
1-20 of 68 Results