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    YAY my dog took all three placements out of 5 dogs today at the Rally show! Then I showed my friends Border Terrier in Novice and he took a 2nd place. Siren took 1st place in RO2 (Advanced level) with a score of 96. She was much better today and we played as a team. Trinity took 2nd place in...
  2. General Discussion
    Peanuts ma and her rescue are featured this month in atomic dogg. Just want to announce that issue #16 of Atomic Dogg magazine is out! Bully The Kid wrote a fabulous article featuring her rescue! Renee and all her rescues are giving props and very special "THANKS" to all that made this article...
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    Car Frozen in Place
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    For more info PM me. As soon as it starts getting more together I will let you all know. Anyone with fundraiser Ideas?!?!? I could really use the help. so far I have Kiss a bull, Luminary pit bull bags for pits who have been abused, neglected, used for dog fighting, dog bait, passed, and even...
  5. Adopt a Bulls
  6. General Discussion
    So my friend calls me and says that he wants to buy a puppy female pitbull. He plans to have her as a PETbull and spay her. I explained that he should check out the local shelters In our area. I checked pet finder and they are all o ver 6 months of age. He wants a young pup to have witha clean...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    information about the most common pit health problems? thank you!
  8. Raw Foods
    Meats, Grinds, Course, Organs, Bones, Whole Prey ....... I came across this site last week, a friend of mine and I place 2 separate orders to see if it was any good, since the site seemed awesome. I also liked the fact that it is family owned. I found their pricing fantastic least it is to me...
  9. General Discussion
    Or used to live in, moved about 1 month ago. It's full of scum just like the person in this video...... Dog was barking too much so the person decides to take action... EDIT -- The video might be graphic for some. Yonkers Dog Slashed in Brutal Attack | NBC New York
  10. General Discussion
    After the move and with the baby coming Leonard and I decided to place several dogs to lighten the load a bit. I have talked to a few other members and have placed a few already but I have a few left if you know anyone who would make a great home. Typhoon and Dixie are going out on co-own with...
  11. The Pitbull Lounge
    You name it, they have it. Digital cameras, audio mixers, computers, speakers, camcorders, software... Anything for the professional and the consumer. It's a huge store in NY. I am making a few purchases from this site... Take a look! Free shipping on a lot of items, and prices are awesome...
  12. General Discussion
    yay for pitbulls! he looks great :) 3-legged dog wins 1st place in NYC shelter contest - News AsianTown.NET
  13. The Pitbull Lounge
    My would be subway
  14. General Discussion
    Home - CATCHDOG RELEASE TOOL they are really nice, I am going to be picking up a few myself.
  15. General Discussion
    Pitbull Collars I found a padded collar that is purple. it matches Riley's leash I have for her. has anyone used this site? i need a padded, nylon collar that is purple and cheap. if anyone knows any good places please let me know. I am ordering it tomorrow night
  16. General Discussion
    I was looking for a website so I could do a little shopping for the pup. My fiancée and I were looking into eventually training her to do some weight pulling. I don't have the slightest clue where to buy the harness and sled. I'd also like to get her a weight collar and I've been researching the...
  17. Pictures
    Im paying the closing cost, but its 3 1/2 acres with DW very roomy but needs to be updated so when we finally get in there were going to paint and redo floors with tile and pergo! excited this is on the side of the house please excuse the wall and carpet, its so ugly, I cant wait to get...
21-37 of 56 Results