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  1. Pictures
    We let Tonka play around in the puppy harness today while we were working the rest of them... he wasnt as bad as the others with chewin on it... hes 5 months old and weighed 36lbs today!!! i have a feeling hes gonna be huge :D here are a few more of cali, teardrop and pheonix.. sorry...
  2. Pictures
    Here are a few pics i took today... Tonka played with everybody :D We are rehoming Gixer next week so i had to get some of him today too.. Im gonna miss him alot :( Here is Tonka playin by himelf Him and Cheyenne Tyson and Tonka Tater Medusa CoCo and Tonka Gixer Teardrop Thanks...
  3. Pictures
    it was 75 degrees here today!!!! we spent the whole day with the dogs.. here are a few pics... thanks for looking!!! Cheerio CoCo Medusa Tonka Teardrop Miss Cali Cali playin with the waterhose :D
  4. Pictures
    lil man messin with molly:)
  5. Pictures
    Some pics I snapped earlier of Hemi. Sorry so many; found a new mode on my camera :)
  6. Pictures
    Cheza at my moms, we call it our dog park with as many as we all have together lol this would have been great if i would have gotten her intire body in it cheza doing some tracking lol i wish man my girl has grown up! 6 months old can't wait to see how she turns out, I...
  7. Pictures
    hes funny sometimes with the stuff he plays with. its why i love him!!!
  8. Pictures
    heres me 3/4 r.e. 1/4 gotti bully and my friends (i gave him to him) umm i really dont know what he would be considered....i guess a bully cuz hes an old english bulldog and a jocko pit mix (bother in laws doings.....) Chump. hes only 10 months old.....and he weighs ab 10-15 lbs heavier than...
  9. General Discussion
    hee is rico waitn on his flirt pole http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n132/wheeziewayne/granddog002037.jpg i tried to upload it but it said the file size was to big and im not quite sure how to re size it
1-11 of 11 Results